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Boltless Shelving

Need help? Need help? Will boltless shelving be strong enough? Safe and Secure Boltless Shelving - Superfast Delivery

Erect shelving quickly with our Boltless Shelving products. Unlike more complex bolt-based shelving options, these shelves don’t require extensive work to install, and you can scale your storage plans without worrying about the time it will take to dismantle old cupboards and shelving. Simply snap in and out of place in seconds and build the bespoke storage solution that suits your business needs. Our boltless shelving products complement our storage and shelving catalogue, so why not add products such as storage bins and mail boxes for your workspaces? With a variety of options available at Seton, you will easily find the right solution.

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Boltless Shelving: Buying Guide

There are many advantages to selecting boltless shelving, including the fact that it is easier to install, easier to move and reconfigure, and both safe and secure.

Our Heavy-Duty Boltless Racking - Extra Shelves are great for use in work environments such as factories, stock rooms and garages. The shelves are made of sturdy chipboard and can be assembled by simply tapping them into place. There are no fixtures or fittings, and no additional manpower is needed to get this storage option up and running. These shelves are very popular with modern businesses that need quick and intuitive storage solutions.

Whereas if you need shelves that can hold a particularly heavy load then our Heavy-Duty Boltless Racking - 600kg could be exactly what you need. Constructed from robust, powder coated steel, each unit has an overall maximum load capacity of up to 2500kg. The bigger keyholes allow for quicker and easier assembly too. You simply tap together – no fixings required.

Our Extra Shelves for Boltless Industrial Racking are sold in packs of two, so you can purchase numerous quantities for a more comprehensive shelving system. The first major advantage of boltless shelving is how easy it is to reconfigure. Modern workplaces require shelving that is flexible and scalable, and boltless products can simply be snapped apart and put back together if you need to replace shelves or add new units. This is incredibly economical as there is no material waste, and both old and new shelving can be used to create the perfect storage solutions.

Here at Seton, health and safety is our main priority, which is why we recommend Boltless Shelving as a particularly safe storage solution. It’s safer than products that require nuts and bolts to put together as they can come loose from repeated use and lead to serious accidents. The shelves are also durable and can carry a substantial load capacity without breaking, toppling or crushing under pressure.

As mentioned previously, the Extra Shelves for Boltless Industrial Racking are also easy to install. They only require a hammer or mallet to put in place — no expert assistance is required. This means that extensive storage can be erected in minutes rather than hours and you can save money on hiring someone to assemble it.

We also have the Bay Joiners for Boltless Industrial Racking to fix together racking bays. These can be used with the boltless shelves that we offer to erect shelving quickly. They are ideal for use in stock rooms, garages and factories but can also be installed in any space where boltless racking is required for storage. The Bay Joiners for Boltless Industrial Racking are sold in a set of six.

Applications for our Boltless Shelving products include Bulk Storage, file storage, archiving, book storage and storing small parts such as automotive items and industrial components. Browse our range of shelving products such as workbenches and chrome shelving and use the search and filter options to find exactly what you need.

We have a huge collection of Storage and Shelving products for your workplace, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs. We recommend using the Extra Shelves for Boltless Industrial Racking alongside our range of Security Cages, Storage Cupboards and Cabinets and Workbenches for a complete furnishing of Warehouse and Industrial areas.