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Keep your employees safe and protected from harmful UV rays with Seton’s full range of sunscreen, skin hygiene and skin barrier cream. Whether your workplace requires a full set of dispensers or individual skin protection products, we have everything you need to keep your employees safe.

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Sunscreen and Barrier Creams Buying Guide

Employers who provide their employees with access to sun cream and skin protection creams create a healthier and better-informed workplace, reduce the number of sunburns at work (and absences as a result of sunburns) and also reduce the risk of intense skin damage. This includes cancer that is caused by long-term exposure to the sun. Maintaining a supply of sunblock, hand protection cream and other skin protection products will make your workplace a healthier, safer place to be, while also reducing absences.

Skin protection legislation

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK and too much exposure to direct sunlight and UV radiation can cause sunburns, blistering, premature ageing of the skin and can eventually lead to skin cancer. Protecting your employee’s skin health will result in healthier employees long-term and will also result in fewer absences due to sun burns.

Regarding skin safety at work, the HSE has a number of guidelines for employers and employees on how to maintain skin health, including information about their Keep your top on campaign which explains all of the health risks associated with working in the sun.

Skin protection dispenser placement

It is important to place skin protection dispensers and materials in highly visible, easy to access areas. Ideally, skin protection materials are placed in bathrooms where employees have access to mirrors and are able to apply sunscreen evenly. However, this will not work for every worksite; Seton’s Deb Portable Skin Safety Cradle is designed to be installed in vans, work cabins and confined work spaces. Another solution is the Deb SunProtect Safety Centre, which includes information about skin protection, a sun block dispenser and a mirror so that employees can easily apply the sunblock and make sure all areas are covered.

Types of skin protection products

Workers are exposed to a number of skin hazards, including sun exposure, industrial environments and harsh working conditions. Below are a few of the skin protection creams which are essential for maintaining skin health and safety on site.

Sunblock and sunscreen

Seton has a range of sunblocks, like the Deb Deflector Sunscreen Dispenser, which are ideal for worksites, as the dispensers can be easily installed. You can also fill the convenient dispensers with the highest factor sun cream or sunscreen for sensitive skin, depending on the needs of your workplace.

Barrier repair creams and hand protection

Industrial and construction sites can be very hard on the skin and cause dryness, callouses, cracks and cuts. Seton has a huge range of sun protection products, including industrial barrier cream and workman's hand cream, to ensure that your employees’ hands and arms are strengthened against the wear and tear of industrial work. Our Deb Pure Restore Kit is perfect for chapped and dry skin, and includes a convenient cream dispenser. The Deb Stokolan Light Pure Skin Conditioning Cream and Portable Skin Safety Cradle are also great options as they are easy to install and provide protection and care for dry, sore and chapped skin.

Skin hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is very important for worker safety, especially for sites which do not have easy access to running water. Our dispensers, including the Skin Hygiene Centre and Deb Portable Skin Cleaner Starter Pack, contain powerful hand sanitisers which are perfect for promoting and maintaining skin hygiene on site.

Other ways to protect workers

There are many ways employers can make workplaces safer for employees when it comes to sun exposure. The HSE has a helpful pamphlet for employers which explains all of the ways employers can protect their employees from the sun. Below are a few ways that employers can make their workplace more sun-safe:

Include information and advice about sun exposure, including the risks of skin damage, during health and safety training
Encourage workers to cover up, especially during the summer months and during the afternoon when the sun is strongest
Provide broad spectrum sunscreen and barrier cream for hands
Maintain site water points for workers and encourage them to drink plenty of water throughout the day
Encourage workers to take breaks and lunches in the shade, rather than the sun
Encourage workers to check their skin regularly for any spots or moles that change colour or size

These are just a few of the ways you can create a healthier, safer place for workers and their skin.