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Construction Site Fire Alarms

Need help? Need help? Which construction site fire alarms are best for you? Easy-to-Setup Tough UK Construction Site Fire Alarms

Construction sites are inherently hazardous, risk-filled environments. Even sites that follow all protocols and go above and beyond in terms of safety and risk reduction are still dangerous places because of the nature of the work.

One particular danger that can be overlooked is the risk of fire in a construction site; the presence of wires, electrical tools, sparks, and dry wood or shavings make construction sites very vulnerable to fires. The UK Home Office has estimated that around 11 fires occur every day in construction sites around the UK.

The good news is that there is a wide range of cost-effective and high-performance construction site fire alarms from which to choose. Our buying guide below will give you everything you need to know about fire alarms for your site.

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Choosing the right building site fire alarm

When selecting the right site fire alarm, it is essential to consider several factors. After a full risk assessment of the building site, you will discover how many construction site fire alarms you need, and where they will be placed.

Also, construction sites are, by their nature, changing all the time, and you will likely need to move your site fire alarm throughout the construction process. Taking all of these factors into consideration, you can begin to narrow down your scope and decide which construction site fire alarms are right for you.

What Are The Best Temporary Site Fire Alarms?

Here are some of the building site fire alarm options and features to consider are:

  • Wireless fire alarm system – at a construction site, a wireless fire alarm is often necessary, because the site is likely to not have electrical wiring at some point in the construction process. Alarms such as Howler’s Building Site Fire Alarm are ideal because they are easy to install and portable – they use batteries rather than wires to activate the alarm.

  • Temporary fire alarm – everything changes quickly in a construction site and it is important to ensure that the safety equipment and fire alarms that are used on the site can be moved easily, uninstalled, and quickly reinstalled. Alarms such as the Rotary Hand Bell are perfect because they can be installed temporarily and easily and are also sturdy enough to withstand both outdoor and indoor environments.

  • Push button fire alarm – in a construction site, it is imperative that, in the event of an emergency, employees can quickly alert the rest of the workers. A push-button fire alarm will do just that, and alarms like Howler’s GoLink Push-Button Fire Alarm can be linked together as part of a complete Howler fire alarm system that is controlled through a Control Panel or Wireless Alert Master Unit, thereby protecting the entire building site.

  • Battery powered fire alarm – a battery powered fire alarm is an excellent option for construction sites because they do not require any wiring and can be quickly installed anywhere. The Howler Battery Operated Fire Alarm is perfect for noisy environments like construction sites because it has a piercing siren, along with a powerful strobe light to warn of fires. The added benefit of these portable fire alarm models is that you can use them wherever you are working without any additional installation issues.

These are just a few of the building site fire alarm features that need to be assessed when selecting the right fire alarms for the unique needs of your construction site. No matter which alarms you choose, it is essential to make sure that your site conforms to UK health and safety code and that you have the requisite number of fire alarms for your building site.

While it is necessary to always have the right building site fire alarm, it is also crucial that all of the employees and visitors to the building site are trained on how to recognise an emergency situation and the steps to take during such an event. Choosing the right building site fire alarms is one part of a holistic view on maintaining the health and safety of all of your building site’s workers and visitors.