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Information Braille Signs

Braille signs will help you to keep visually-impaired people on your premises informed. Without such signs people who are visually impaired can have trouble finding their way around and knowing which areas they have access to, for example, a No Admittance Braille Sign.

Of course, Information Braille Signs are not only important when it comes to visitors – they should be a significant part of your signage if one or more of your staff members are visually impaired. In such circumstances it's essential to do everything possible to enable those workers to be as independent as possible.

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Information Signs With Braille: Buying Guide

These signs have been designed for people who are visually impaired. A typical information Braille sign will have a distinct background colour that differs from the symbol on the front, which creates a highly-defined contrast that is easy to notice. Of course, blind people won't be able to do that, so these signs also have the information written in Braille, which makes the signs effective no matter what level of sight loss staff and visitors have.

Entry & exit signs reveal the most important information, and if you want to post a general message for everyone to see, there are plenty of Braille entry and exit signs to choose from, for example, our way out tactile and Braille sign.

Everyone should have equal access to everything, especially when it comes to educational establishments, government buildings and public transport systems. In practice, this is hard to achieve, but just by thinking about the needs of visually-impaired people, there is plenty of opportunity to make a lasting difference. Tactile and Braille safety signs are essential since dangerous areas pose even more of a risk to those who can't see well, so it's important to signpost them, such as informing both sighted and visually impaired staff and visitors that an area can be slippery when wet.

Braille information signs have the function of eliminating accessibility barriers. They serve the purpose of making the lives of those with sight loss easier by making the work environment more accommodating.

The use of Braille also serves to eliminate language barriers since it is designed for anyone to understand, not just those who speak a particular language because it is based on symbols rather than words.

Even if you find out you aren't required to display Braille information signs, you may still want to think about doing so since displaying such signage will show your company is inclusive, demonstrating to potential employees and prospective customers that your organisation is open to people of all physical abilities.

If local laws and regulations require you to have Braille signs, we have plenty available to choose from, ranging from information signs, to floor-level signs, to fire safety signs; so we're confident you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

Braille information signs include those that point out apparatus such as stairs, lifts, telephones and first aid, those that provide instructions such as push, pull, press for exit and please ring for assistance, and those that provide warnings such as mind the step and slippery when wet.

Displaying Braille signs requires more consideration than regular signs, as they need to be fixed where they can be touched. All of our Tactile and Braille signs are manufactured from rigid plastic for durability and feature a permanent self-adhesive backing for ease of installation – simply remove the protective backing and secure to the wall. See our guide to sign materials for more information.