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Sack Trucks

There are a number of things that can help an organisation to run more smoothly and having the right equipment for staff to use is certainly one of them. Among the products we have on offer are sack trucks, which are a great way to safely and easily move items around on site. There is a good selection to choose from, so finding what you need shouldn't prove too difficult. To find out more about how to choose a sack truck read our handy buying guide.

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Sack Trolleys & Trucks: Buying Guide

The need to move heavy objects around a worksite is common in many sectors, but particularly prevalent in:

  • Stockrooms

  • Warehouses

  • Goods in/out areas

Sack trucks are a straightforward way of safely moving heavy loads, minimising the risks to your employees of back injuries and strained muscles. As well as being useful around your premises, sack trucks are easily portable making them ideal for use away from the workplace. As such, they are often found on delivery vehicles to aid in carrying goods when out and about.

Investing in sack trucks to move heavy loads has a number of benefits for your workplace. As well as moving heavy loads efficiently, sack trucks will:

  • Protect your employees from injury

  • Store quickly and easily

  • Help in the smooth running of your site

  • Increase productivity

Sack Cart Selection

At Seton, we offer a large range of sack trucks, making it easy for you to find the one that best suits the nature of your work. All are made from sturdy materials such as aluminium and steel, making them robust enough to cope with demanding industrial environments. Many have puncture proof tyres, so whatever you encounter your sack truck can continue unhindered.

When choosing a sack truck it is important to consider first and foremost what you will need to transport. For general loads we have a range of standard and heavy-duty options that can be used to move just about anything. It is advisable to overestimate the weight of the goods you are likely to carry to ensure you are well-covered for all eventualities.

For additional flexibility, options are available that convert to become platform or four-wheeled trucks to enable loads of different sizes and types to be carried. For taking a sack truck out and about, fold-flat models are available to minimise space taken in vans or lorries.

Once you have decided which truck style is right for you, think about whether additional features such as stairclimber wheels or large toe plates are required. Finally, choose a handle type that suits your users. An ergonomic truck is well worth considering, while loop handles or those with knuckle guards will protect hands whilst in use.

All sack trucks are sturdy and well-made, making them an investment you can feel confident will last for some time.