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Bike Shelters

Biking to work or school has many benefits, such as staying healthy, protecting the environment and saving money. This means cycling to work schemes are becoming increasingly popular. Whether as part of a scheme or just as courtesy, businesses should always provide secure bike storage for staff and pupils to keep their possessions safe and promote a healthy lifestyle. We have a wide range of options to suit every location, from traditional bike shelters to stylish, modern storage solutions. To accompany your new shelter, you can also install our cycle racks as they provide additional security. Check out our handy buying guide below.

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Cycle Storage: Buying Guide

Finding a shelter that suits your needs might be easier than you expect, with options available for varying numbers of bikes.

Schools, colleges, public places and business premises are all locations where bike shelters prove useful. We stock a variety of quality products to suit every location. For extra protection, our cycle shelters are made from robust materials to increase durability in all types of weather. You can use bike racks with our cycle shelters to help improve security overall, as they are bolted to the ground using secure fixings.

Encouraging staff to cycle to work can;

  • Improve their health and productivity

  • Lower your business’ environmental impact

  • Free up car parking spaces for visitors and customers

Investing in a cycle shelter will make a clear statement that you value all aspects of your business.

Bike Shelter: Design Considerations

If you are looking for a fashionable contemporary design, our Bowland Cycle Shelter is the right choice for you. It is ideal for public places and business premises. You also have the option to combine units to create longer shelters, which is ideal for locations that have a larger capacity.

Our Venice Cycle Shelter is a unique multi-purpose shelter that can be used for bikes, benches, or as a smoking shelter. You can use the Venice Cycle Shelter in numerous locations such as worksites, public places, schools and colleges.

Bike Storage: Cycles and Motorcycles

Our cycle shelters are multi-purpose as many can be used for bikes and motorcycles. All you have to do is fit cycle racks or loops in one area only, allowing motorcycles to use the freed up space. Our Traditional Shelters are ideal for storing motorcycles as they have high ceilings and can be fitted with galvanised sides to offer extra protection from the elements.

Cycle Shelter: Security

Today’s bikes and motorcycles can be extremely expensive, which means that riders can be reluctant to park them in insecure areas. Our cycle shelters use strong materials for increased protection against damage. If security is a top priority, the robust Stratford Secure Cycle Shelter has lockable doors for extra protection. It can hold up to 10 bikes and is free standing. This cycle shelter can be used with our Floor-Mounted or Sheffield Style Bicycle Racks. The steel frame comes flanged which allows you to bolt down the cycle shelter on site. Fixing bolts can be used to secure the bike shelter to the ground; they are available in packs of 4. We also have a wide selection of padlocks such as high-security solid steel, combination and weatherproof options that can be used to secure the doors.

Our cycle shelters allow you to store a large quantity of bikes and use robust materials to improve durability. They also protect your bikes from all types of weather conditions to deduce the risk of damage such as rust.

If you need help to install a cycle shelter, installation is available on selected models, upon request.