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Rubber Matting

Choosing flooring for the workplace and public access areas is an important part of a business or building owners’ responsibility to ensure that health and safety standards are being met. Our range of rubber safety matting products meet a range of flooring and health and safety needs within the workplace, at the same time offering simple installation and ease of maintenance. Choose rubber safety matting products designed for use alongside switchboards and high voltage equipment and opt for rubber matting that is safe for use in welding bays or browse our range of rubber matting designed to scrape and clean footwear on entry.

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Rubber Mat Flooring: Buying Guide

Rubber matting is a versatile safety flooring solution that also offers a range of additional safety benefits. Choosing the right rubber safety matting for your workplace, public access or industrial setting can help to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, as well as providing a cleaner and more comfortable on-site experience for staff, visitors and service users.

At Seton, we offer a wide range of rubber safety matting solutions, each of which is designed with the specific needs of certain work environments in mind. Our rubber safety matting products can be incorporated into initial workspace designs, or can be easily installed as an aftermarket solution to resolve problems that may arise with usage.

We offer a selection of switchboard matting solutions that are specifically designed for use in front of open switchboards or areas where high voltage equipment is installed. Engineered to provide a safe and non-slip floor surface, this product is also manufactured in a way that helps to reduce fatigue in standing workers. Hardwearing and easy to clean, our switchboard matting products are available in both fixed and custom sizes to allow you to choose the solution best suited to your workspaces. We also offer high voltage switchboard matting for up to 17,000V working voltage.

Our rubber safety matting range includes industrial studded flooring that is perfect for use in both manufacturing and leisure settings. This tough and durable rubber flooring solution provides dual benefits – the textured rubbed flooring works to increase traction to help reduce the potential for hazardous slips and falls, while the rubber material and raised areas offer insulating properties that help to minimise the effects of otherwise cold concrete flooring on workers or service users. Choose to loose lay this flooring or opt for a more permanent, bonded solution.

Our ring mat rubber safety matting comes in a variety of designs, each of which is smart enough for use in reception areas and tough enough to withstand the demands of industrial or high use leisure settings. The geometric designs not only look great but also provide large openings to facilitate drainage, while the durable rubber contact areas work to clean dirt and debris from the footwear of those who pass across it. Also, take a look at our non slip matting range.

For areas where welding takes place, we have weld matting available that combines a heavy-duty rubber surface with flame resistant properties that comply with relevant safety standards. Backed with comfortable foam, this matting helps to improve the workplace experience for welders and associated workers, while at the same time working to improve health and safety standards within the workplace.