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Electronic Cigarette Safety Signs |

What you need to know about e-cigarettes in the workplace

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are battery operated devices which create vapour as opposed to smoke, coining the term for smoking this device as ‘vaping’. They are increasingly being utilised as a substitute for tobacco cigarette use; therefore companies need to consider how best to accommodate. As e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and no burning is required, they fall outside the remit of the legislation that banned the use of tobacco cigarettes (and similar products) in enclosed public areas and workplaces. However, employers do have control over whether their employees can smoke while at work and should clearly indicate what their policies are regarding the use of e-cigarettes. This should be done by implementing electronic cigarette signs, which allow employees to clearly see where they are allowed to smoke and where the use of these devices is not permitted.

What do companies need to do?

We have a range of electronic cigarette signs, such as the No Smoking/Electronic Cigarettes Allowed Signs that enable employers to indicate whether the use of e-cigarettes is accepted or not, on the premises. If an organisation makes the decision that e-cigarettes will be banned in the workplace, other arrangements should be made to cater for smokers, such as the use of outdoor smoking shelters.

Prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes may hinder the progress of those who are using them to try and stop smoking. This particularly applies when they are required to smoke in specific smoking areas together with cigarette smokers. Therefore employers may want to consider organising a separate e-cigarette smoking area.

Providing support for your employees

Smoking is difficult to give up and therefore employees often need help in order to break the habit. For those who smoke, employers can offer assistance by directing them to appropriate support. This could either be via an internal occupational health service or through the NHS smoke free service.

To understand more about having the right health and safety signs for your business, see our the History of Safety Signs UK Health and Safety Signage Guide.