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Vaccine Centre Signage

Need help? Need help? What vaccine centre signs do I need? UK-Approved Vaccine Centre Signage - Fast Delivery

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is an ambitious project. To help meet the government’s challenging targets, the process needs to be as streamlined as possible in every area of the UK.

Clear, professional signage is a vital ‘cog’ in the wheel to ensure that vaccination centres are well-signposted and easy to find, helping patients to arrive for their appointment on time. It also plays a critical role in reminding staff who are involved in the administration of the vaccine to monitor its safe storage in refrigerators. As well as vaccine-specific signs, Seton supplies a comprehensive range of Coronavirus Signage to remind those using the centres to observe social distancing measures and adhere to safe hygiene practices.

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Vaccine Centre Equipment and Signs

Bold, well-placed signage will help to maximise efficiency, reduce waiting times, and ensure that the vaccination process runs as smoothly as possible.

Seton has prepared all the different types of vaccination centre signs that you could need for your facility, including directional and way-finding signage for visitors who are new to the vaccination centre, temperature monitoring and record sheets, and vaccine freezer safety signage.

Vaccine Centre Sign Placement

When positioning directional signs, it is important to consider the sign’s visibility for first-time visitors. Optimal placement of signage for the staff in charge of the vaccine should also be considered. This may include No Entry signs to indicate access for authorised personnel only, or vital warnings such as the Do Not Unplug Vaccine Refrigerator Sign, which should be mounted on, or near to, the refrigerator in question.

Types of Vaccine Centre Signs