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Photoluminescent Signs and Safety Way Guidance Systems (SWGS) |

Photoluminescent Signs and Safety Way Guidance Systems (SWGS)

Use switch button to test the photoluminescence by day/night

Quick evacuation of the premises is important in an emergency, and clear signage is necessary to point the way to the emergency exits. Have you ever thought what would happen if the lights went off? If there is a fire or a power outage, using a Safety Way Guidance System (SWGS) with photoluminescent signs is an effective way to provide clear signage to highlight stairways and exits in poor lighting conditions.

What is Photoluminescence and SWGS?

Photoluminescent signage glows in the dark which is vital if there is no light due to a power outage or if thick smoke from a fire is obstructing vision. This type of signage will assist employees or the public to a safe refuge area away from the danger.

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What is a Safety Way Guidance System (SWGS)?

A SWGS is an evacuation solution which includes photoluminescent products which marks the evacuation route. It combines photoluminescent signs and tape to provide directions to safety, through hallways and down stairs when there is poor visibility. Our Photoluminescent Kits are all you need to provide a SWGS in your workplace.

See Seton’s photoluminescent range in action

Seton’s photoluminescent range in action

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Fire Exit Signs
Fire Exit Signs
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Fire Door Signs
Fire Door Signs
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Fire Equipment Signs
Fire Equipment Signs
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Fire Action Signs
Fire Action Signs
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Fire Alarm Signs
Fire Alarm Signs
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Xtra-Glo (Class C) Signs
Xtra-Glo (Class C) Signs
Glows brighter for longer
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Double Sided Photoluminescent Signs Signs
Double Sided Photoluminescent Signs
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Photoluminescent Kits
Photoluminescent Kits
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What is the legislation?

All Safety Way Guidance Systems must conform to the standards set out in BS ISO 16069. This stipulates requirements that need to be met with regard to the design, installation and performance for both photoluminescent and electrical SWGS. The benefit of these systems is that they are coherent and understood by all, regardless of culture or language. Occupants within your premises can be guided safely out of the building to a designated assembly/refuge point, in the event of an emergency. This is ensured as symbols on the signs must be compliant with BS EN 7010 and sign design must meet the requirements of BS ISO 3864 parts 1-4, to conform to BS ISO 16069. If you are not sure what types of safety signs you might need for your business, our UK Health and Safety Signage Guide can help you.

What is photoluminescent classification?

According to the PSPA, the classification system is calculated on luminance decay after a given time which complies to ISO 17398 and ISO 16069.

The material classification system is as follows:

Class Luminance mcd/m2
2 mins 10 mins 30 mins 60 mins
Class A 108 25 7 3
Class B 210 50 15 7
Class C - ISO 160169 690 140 45 20
Class D 1100 260 85 35
Class E 1800 400 120 55
Class F 2300 520 155 70
Class G 3000 650 190 80

To be compliant with the ISO 16069 you need to ensure you have at the very minimum class C material signs, which is our Xtra-Glo range of signs.

How to comply?

Here at Seton we have two photoluminescent materials called Xtra-Glo and Nite-Glo. To fully comply with ISO 16069 you will need to ensure that you install Xtra-Glo signs on your premises.

Key benefits of each material:

Benefits of using photoluminescent fire signs and SWGS:

Photoluminescent forward arrow fire exit sign with arrow icon

Highlights nearest Fire Exits, Fire Extinguisher locations & Alarm Points

Smokey room with glow in the dark signs and eye icon

Reliable and unaffected by power failures and visible through smoke, reducing evacuation time by 30%

Glow in the dark tape on stairway, tick icon

Cost effective and low maintenance compared to electrically powered signs

Glow in the dark fire equipment sign with a clock icon

Provides reassurance in emergencies like a blackout, without delay that frequently takes place with emergency lighting up on activation

Stairway with daylight icon

No external power source or batteries required saving energy & lives

Glow in the dark tape on stairs with a check icon

The exit route is clear and unambiguous, reducing incidents of slips, trips and falls

Putting glow in the dark tape onto the wall, screwdriver icon

Buy the complete SWGS solution, kits provide clear, easy-to-read instructions

Glow in the dark tape on stairs, pound sign icon

Maintenance free, low cost, environmentally friendly and safe to handle

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How photoluminescent signs work?

Photoluminescent signs work by storing energy from either a natural or artificial light source. If the light source is no longer available in the case of a fire or other emergency, then the energy in the sign releases in the form of protons to produce a green glow, often described as phosphorescence. The latest photoluminescent products are highly reliable and continue to light up signs and other SWGS components for several hours after the removal of the traditional light source. No power source is necessary for the SWGS components to work, although you do need to place the signs in areas where normal light sources are sufficient to recharge the photoluminescent materials.

Where to locate your photoluminescent safety way guidance system?

It is important that your photoluminescent signs and SWGS are positioned in the correct areas to enable quick evacuation:

  1. Fire Exit Photoluminescent Signs need to be placed above doors and should highlight with an arrow which way to go next.
  2. Fire Door Photoluminescent Signs need to be positioned on every fire door in the premises.
  3. Fire Equipment Photoluminescent Signs need to be located by the fire fighting equipment in the building so that personnel can clearly find and use equipment in an emergency.
  4. Fire Alarm Photoluminescent Signs should be position by the fire alarms to ensure they can be found easily to warn everyone to evacuate the building.
  5. Glow in the dark marking tape can be put on walls and handrails for evacuees to follow to get out of the building efficiently. Also, the tape can be used to border fire equipment making it easier to locate.
  6. Photoluminescent Circle Floor Markers are perfect for stairways to avoid accidents occurring and point the way to the exit.
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