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Need help? Need help? How to put up a safety sign? Once you have your signage planned and have purchased all the safety signs, information signs, hazard signs and prohibition signs that are needed for the smooth running of your operation, then it is time to turn your thoughts to ensuring signage is properly and securely mounted with no risk of it coming loose and affecting compliance with health and safety regulations.

Unless you have purchased self-adhesive signs, you will need to consider what tools, materials and mountings you will need to safely install your signage, and our comprehensive range of sign fixings will have everything you are after.

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Sign Fixtures and Fittings: Buying Guide

An Essential Addition for Safety Signs and Posters

Sign fixings are an important and often overlooked part of the process of installing satisfactory signage in a place of work or public area. Mounting signs within your premises is an important part of complying with health and safety regulations, so it is imperative the tools and materials you use are of the quality to withstand the test of time.

Signage plays an important part in maintaining health and safety compliance in the workplace, some of the most common that should be displayed are first aid signs to ensure all visitors and employees are aware of the location of these essential items. Signs that are inadequately mounted can be at risk of being lost or damaged, which could negatively affect your compliance with legislation and put workers, visitors and the public at risk.

Ensure you plan to use the correct sign fixings for the signage you choose to display at your workplace and you can rest assured that your safety policies are clearly signposted and implemented.

Sign fixings are all the materials that you will need to safely and securely mount and display your chosen signage within premises. Sign fixings can help you hang signs, wall-mount signs and fix magnetic signage to metal surfaces.

Display fixtures are an important part of any information and safety signage plan as they will be ultimately responsible for ensuring signs remain where they have been situated for the foreseeable future and that messages are visible and accessible to all. This is especially important when dealing with fire exit signs, which if not positioned correctly could endanger lives when needed the most.

Attach to Practically Any Material

Sign fixings will be needed to mount and display all signage that is not freestanding or self-adhesive.

If you wish to permanently wall-mount signs you will need the appropriate sign fixings. They can also help you to hang double-sided signs from the ceiling, mount signage magnetically and affix signs to glass using suction cups.

Easily Display All of Your Safety Signs

Our range of sign fixings includes all you will need to mount safety and information signs.
Sign fixings for wall mounting include SignFix permanent adhesive to allow you to glue signs in place without the need to use screws, and sign screw fixings that are perfect for wall-mounting rigid signs. Both are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

We even offer security fixing kits which include specially-constructed screws that, once installed, cannot be undone without the supplied special tool, which can help prevent signage being removed or damaged by thieves or vandals.

For double-sided hanging signs, we offer a selection of sign fixings that will allow you to affix signage to ceilings and have it hanging so that the message is clear to anyone approaching from either side. Choose from hanging kits for double-sided signs featuring including S-hooks and chains, designed to be suspended from existing infrastructure, or opt for the Z hooks hanging kit for double-sided signs with self-adhesive ceiling frame clips and Z-hooks supplied.

We also offer magnetic self-adhesive strips which can be used to mount signage on metal surfaces, useful for safety clothing (PPE) signage, as you are most likely to need to display these signs in an industrial setting. We also supply suction pads for mounting signs on glass surfaces such as windows. For exterior signs, we have elastic banner ties available also.


What Sign Fixings do I need?

The Sign fixings you will need to order will depend on the type of signage you wish to display and the locations you want to display it in. To wall mount signs you will need permanent adhesive or a raw plug and screw set, while a hanging kit will be used to mount a double-sided hanging sign.

To mount signs on metal you will need magnetic strips, while suction cups will be needed if you plan to mount signs on glass surfaces.

How do I mount exterior signs?

For affixing exterior signage and construction signage that cannot be mounted using the above methods, we also stock a range of banner ties which give you a versatile option for displaying signs externally.

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