Electrical Signs

Health and safety is an issue that can’t be ignored in any workplace and having the right signage on display can go some way towards reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring. Among the wide selection of products we have on offer here at Seton are Electrical Signs, which are a great way to highlight electrical danger areas and keep you on the right side of the law.

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  • Danger Electric Shock Risk Signs

    From £1.41 To £35.15
  • Danger High Voltage Signs

    From £1.41 To £57.87
  • Danger 415 Volts Signs

    From £0.70 To £34.75
  • Danger 11000 Volts Signs

    From £1.41 To £34.75
  • Danger 400 Volts Signs

    From £1.41 To £21.66
  • 6-Pack Danger High Voltage Signs

    From £20.95 To £105.79
  • Caution 415 Volts Signs

    From £1.41 To £8.48
  • Danger 240 Volts Signs

    From £0.70 To £12.77
  • Danger 440 Volts Signs

    From £1.41 To £12.77
  • Caution Battery Charging Signs

    From £4.25 To £34.75
  • Electrical Isolator Signs

    From £4.25 To £12.77
  • Danger Live Busbars Signs

    From £3.54 To £16.15
  • Danger live Wires Sign

    From £3.54 To £21.66
  • Danger 6600 Volts Signs

    From £4.25 To £34.75
  • Danger Switchgear Signs

    From £4.25 To £12.77
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When it comes to buying a safety sign, you may be spoiled for choice. You might know the specific purpose of a sign, or the rough size you’d like it to be, but picking out the sign that’s perfect for your needs may be challenging.

If you can’t find the electrical signs you need in our catalogue or on our website, contact us via our LivePerson chat for a consultation so we can find the product you’re looking for.

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