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Escalator Signs

Clearly identify escalators whilst complying with BS EN115 with these highly visible signs. BS EN115-1 defines safety requirements for escalators and moving walkways in order to safeguard people and objects against risks of accidents during installation, operation, maintenance and inspection work.

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According to the Safety Assessment Federation, safety signs should be used on escalators and moving walkways wherever there is a significant risk which cannot be avoided or controlled in any other way. This does not, however, mean that a sign is required to cover every possible risk or hazard, but only where the risk is considered significant. The potential hazard and risks in the use of escalators and moving walks can include, for instance, items of clothing becoming trapped; see our range of Machinery Signs to highlight this potential hazard to users.

Other safety signs to consider using are Fire Safety Signs , such as Emergency Stop Push Button Signs.

Signs should be positioned in a conspicuous area at the upper and lower approaches to each escalator or moving walkway – see our Sign Fixings for solutions to securing your signage where it can be seen.

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