Recycling Signs

With more and more businesses implementing recycling schemes in the workplace, it is essential that staff and visitors are encouraged to comply with your company’s recycling policy. One way of doing this is through the use of signs for recycling. Our recycle signs are available in a variety of sizes, symbols and materials, with many featuring easily recognisable recycling symbols.

There are several ways that your signage can be secured in a position where it will be easily seen; see our range of Sign Fixings .

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Recycling in the workplace makes good business sense not only because it's easy to set up and run; but also because it can help to reduce clutter and of course, help to protect the environment.

However, waste recycling signs are only one element of any recycling scheme; you will also need suitable recycling bins. Check out our range of Indoor Recycling Bins which are ideal for separating waste.

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