Electronic Cigarette Signs

As a leading sign manufacturer, we've introduced a comprehensive range of signs and Sign Fixings to help you communicate your workplace policies regarding the use of electronic cigarettes. Our new range is available in a wide choice of sizes and materials and provides clear visual instructions to staff and visitors.

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210 x 148 mm(19)
297 x 210 mm(19)
300 x 500 mm(4)
420 x 297 mm(12)
610 x 1220 mm(1)
Rigid Plastic(13)
Anodised Aluminium(6)

When it comes to buying a safety sign, you may be spoiled for choice. You might know the specific purpose of a sign, or the rough size you’d like it to be, but picking out the sign that’s perfect for your needs may be challenging.

If you can’t find the sign you need in our catalogue or on our website, contact us via our LivePerson chat for a consultation so we can find the product you’re looking for.

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