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Fire Exit Down Signs

If there is one type of sign that businesses cannot afford to ignore, it is those that direct people to the nearest fire exit. The Fire Exit Down Signs featured below are the ideal choice for positioning above doorways or on stairs using suitable Sign Fixings .

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The use of directional arrows on fire exit signs have been standardised to ensure that egress from a building is easily understood and as simple to follow as possible. Directional fire exit signage, which should be visible from any location in your facility, should be positioned at every change in direction and floor level to clearly show the shortest and most direct route to the nearest emergency exit. Fire exit signs with the down arrow symbol should be used to indicate a change in level to clearly show that a person needs to progress "down from here".

If you are unsure which fire exit sign you require then speak to one of our Live Chat advisers who will be able to assist you.

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