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Fire Escape Signs

Using the correct sign is important to clearly communicate a message to staff and visitors to your site, something that is essential when it comes to Fire Escape Signs. They are the ideal choice for all kinds of locations, from offices and classrooms to warehouses, and will help people to find their way to the nearest exit in an emergency.

We offer a range of Sign Fixings that are suitable for affixing your Fire Escape Signs, both indoors and out.

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100 x 100 mm(2)
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210 x 148 mm(5)
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300 x 500 mm(2)
300 x 900 mm(1)
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350 x 750 mm(1)
400 x 300 mm(4)
400 x 600 mm(1)
420 x 297 mm(4)
450 mm(1)
450 x 450 mm(1)
594 x 420 mm(2)
841 x 594 mm(2)
Rigid Plastic(17)
Anodised Aluminium(1)
Heavy-Duty Composite(1)

Fire escape signage is designed to help ensure that fire exits and emergency exit routes are kept clear at all times. Signs are available in a range of sizes and materials, including glow in the dark photoluminescent Nite-Glo and highly photoluminescent Xtra-Glo to enable signs to be clearly seen in poor light.

If you can't find the sign you are looking for or are unsure as to what sign you need, then contact one of our Live Chat advisers who are standing by to help you.

Clearly indicate fire doors with Fire Door Signs . Use the above signs in conjunction with directional fire exit signs.

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