No Food or Drink Signs

Inform staff and visitors that drinking or food consumption in a certain area is forbidden with a no food or drink sign. Available in a range of sizes and materials, the below prohibition signs are suitable for a variety of applications, such as in your workplace, in retail premises or in public and work vehicles such as taxis, buses or vans.

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100 x 200 mm(2)
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150 x 125 mm(2)
150 x 300 mm(1)
210 x 148 mm(5)
250 x 200 mm(1)
297 x 210 mm(5)
300 x 300 mm(1)
300 x 500 mm(1)
400 x 300 mm(2)
420 x 297 mm(4)
450 mm(1)
450 x 450 mm(1)
594 x 420 mm(2)
841 x 594 mm(1)
Rigid Plastic(6)
Heavy-Duty Composite(1)

Signs feature the internally recognised no drinking and no eating symbols, in compliance with BS EN ISO 7010 regulations.

Ensure that other prohibited actions are clearly conveyed on your premises with No Smoking Signs .

If you cannot find the no food or drink sign that you are looking for, then why not create your own with our custom sign service. Contact one of our Live Chat advisers for more information.

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