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Surface Repair

Need help? Need help? Get the right pothole filler for your surface. Easy Pothole Repair Kits from the Experts. Fast Delivery.

Business owners have a duty to maintain a working environment that is safe for employees and visitors. Damaged steps and floors, as well as potholes in driveways and roads, can lead to accidents and injuries due to trips or falls. They can also make it harder to manoeuvre goods and vehicles around the workplace.

Areas that are subject to heavy traffic must be kept in good condition to comply with health and safety regulations. Road surface fixing such as all-purpose repair mortar can quickly and easily fix potholes and other damage, reducing the risk of accidents. Our surface repair buying guide includes information on fixing potholes and other damage both inside and out. Here at Seton, we want to help you get your health and safety up to scratch. For guidance on road surface repair kits and which products are most suitable for you and your job, check out our guide below!

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Road, Floor and Driveway Repair Buying Guide

Roads and floors are arguably the hardest working elements in your workplace. They are in constant use and regularly have to cope with heavy duty situations. This means that despite their importance, floors are often subject to damage caused by wear and tear or other factors, such as weather conditions.

Even the smallest imperfection in a ground surface can increase the risk of accidents and damage to equipment, vehicles and machinery - potentially costing thousands of pounds to put right. All of this can be quickly and easily avoided for a relatively small cost by repairing holes, cracks and chips as soon as they appear.

Tarmac Repair and Pothole Filler

For outside spaces there are several options available. When deciding which is the best solution for you, consider the scale of the repairs to be carried out and how much use the surface gets on a regular basis.

An instant pothole repair compound can eliminate holes with just one application. Choose a solution that can be applied in all weather conditions so that repairs can be carried out straight away. The Instarmac Instant Pothole Repair Kit is highly versatile and ready mixed. It’s ideal for repairing small holes in paths, cycle tracks, drives and around manholes, and also provides a safe trafficking surface fast as it does not require cooling before use. Pothole repair can be used on paths, roads, cycle tracks and around manholes.

For areas that see a lot of traffic, whether by vehicles or machinery, an epoxy mortar is recommended for quick and efficient repairs. It is also suitable for bedding and fixing. Heavy duty epoxy repair mortar may be used either indoors or outdoors and is perfect for repairing factory or garage floors, driveways and worn or broken steps. It’s also supplied with a handy 2-pack primer system, cleaning solvent and disposable gloves

Concrete Road Surface Repair

For indoor repairs of cracks or holes, a rapid set solution, such as the Instarmac Rapid Setting Surface Reinstatement Concrete will ensure you are able to open up work areas as soon as possible. Warehouses and industrial spaces often have uneven floors which can make siting equipment and storage problematic. Floor levelling compound is a fast and easy way to remedy the situation, leaving surfaces ready to tile or cover in just 8 hours.

Alternatively, the Epoxyshield Fine Crack Repair is very simple to use. All you have to do is mix and pour to cover fine cracks up to 2 (W) x 5mm (D.) It then dries to a rock hard finish in 3-4 hours.

Once floors are level and free from imperfections, they can be painted or marked with tapes to create work zones, aid with wayfinding and support LEAN practices.

Pothole Repair Preparations

Before work is carried out, all affected areas should be thoroughly cleaned so new material is able to form a close bond with existing floors and roads. Use a heavy duty outdoor grade broom to remove dirt and dust and wash and dry afterwards if appropriate.

It is important health and safety regulations, in accordance with your risk assessment, are adhered to as surface repair work is carried out. Part of this will involve using appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), such as gloves, overalls and masks.

Our legislation watch article explains the rules and regulations regarding potholes and your responsibilities as a business for the safety of staff and visitors. For further reading into car park maintenance and safety, then read our article on Top 10 Car Park Safety Considerations.