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Bike Loops

Bike loops are a convenient solution for bicycle security in the workplace. Providing a secure place for visitors and employees to leave their vehicles demonstrates how highly you regard them. Cyclists should not be left out of that. Our bike loops require little space but allow bikes to be safely stored.

The bike loops in the range at Seton can be surface mounted using fixing bolts. This ensures they are well secured and reduces the risk of an accident. To find out more about Seton’s range of bike loops check out our buying guide.

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Cycle Loops Buying Guide

Cycling to work has a range of positive benefits.

  • It is a good form of exercise and has been linked to improved work performance

  • Cyclists enjoy additional time outdoors, which can be particularly beneficial to those that work inside all day indoors

  • Air pollution is reduced, making the area around your business more pleasant

  • Fewer cars on the road will reduce congestion and make parking easier - both can be useful in attracting customers/visitors to your premises

Employees should be encouraged to cycle wherever possible. Providing secure cycle storage such as bike loops will reassure your employees and visitors that their bicycles will be safe on your premises, potentially persuading more of them to use this form of transport.

Cycle Hoops Suitable for All Locations

The wide range of bike loops available at Seton allows you to select the design that best suits your premises. You can choose between surface mounted bike hoops and those that need to be grouted. All are made from heavy-duty steel, a material that provides long-lasting durability. Each loop can store two bicycles safely, so bike hoops are an ideal form of storage for small spaces. Bicycles can be easily parked and secured with a chain or lock to increase security.

The hoop cycle rack is a popular bicycle storage product. The units are freestanding, simple to install and ideal for use in any location. The powder-coated finish is attractive and the hoop racks are available in either two or three sections, holding a maximum of six cycles.

Children love to cycle. The use of bicycles and scooters often makes it easier for parents to travel longer distances with small children. Leisure centres, schools and community centres are perfect places to provide storage for this type of equipment. Consider whether they would be a useful addition to your outdoor storage provision. Seton can supply junior cycle stands as well as a kids scooter stand that can store up to ten scooters.

Make sure everyone who comes to your work premises can easily locate your bike loops. Among our extensive range of parking bay signs are options which show where bicycles should park. Use road traffic signs to provide clear guidance for cyclists on the rules and prohibitions around your site, and allow them and other vehicle users to share the roads safely.

With so many benefits from cycling, both to the cyclist and the wider community, encouraging cycling to work is a positive way to show how seriously your business takes environmental issues. Making provision for the safe storage of bicycles during the working day is essential to ensure employees feel cycling to work is a viable option.