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Drinking Water Signs

Drinking water, or potable water, is water that is safe to drink straight from the tap or to use for food preparation without the risk of health problems.

However, not all tap water is drinkable. Clearly show that water is safe to drink with a safe drinking water sign. The below safe condition signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit all applications.

Secure your signage that does not have a self-adhesive backing with suitable sign fixings. Ensure that your signs are positioned where they can be easily seen.

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Signs for Drinking Water: Buying Guide

It is easy to assume that tap water is drinkable, but there are many instances when it might not be. This is particularly true in workplace and industrial environments where, for example, the water might only be suitable for washing hands, flushing chemical spills off skin or rinsing foreign bodies out of eyes.

Make sure that your employees and any visitors to your workplace know whether the water is drinkable or can be used for food preparation by clearly labelling the taps with drinking water signs.

Our drinking water signs are available in a number of different sizes and materials and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Choose from signs that can be fixed to walls, or banner signs and temporary signs, which are ideal for workplaces such as construction sites or for outdoor events.

Whichever sign you choose, all feature clear writing together with the easily recognisable tap pictogram.

When carrying out a risk assessment, it is worth considering all of the risks associated with tap water. Using drinking water signs to clearly label taps that are suitable for drinking from will help to keep everyone on your premises informed of where it is safe to obtain drinking water from.

Likewise, “Do not drink” signs will clearly inform everyone that tap water is not safe to drink and should only be used for washing hands or rinsing eyes and skin.

Our signs are well made and designed to last, so purchasing our drinking water signs to label the appropriate tap is a cost-effective way to ensure that everyone who works on or visits your premises understands where to find safe drinking water. If you have more than one or two taps to mark up appropriately, then look out for our economic pack of drinking water safety labels – these are ideal for where you have several sources of drinking water on your premises. Simply peel off and stick above the tap on, for example, a mirror or tile.

As with all workplace signs, drinking water signs are regulated by a number of health and safety laws. We are a leading retailer of workplace health and safety equipment. You can therefore shop with us safe in the knowledge that our drinking water signs, as with all of our signs, fully comply with current UK and EU health and safety regulations.

Customised Safe Condition Signs

With all the different options in our range, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for when you shop with Seton. However, if you require something different or unique to your business, then we can create a custom-made sign just for you.

Take a look at our online custom-create tool. It takes just five simple steps to create a sign that is unique to you and your business.