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Safety Tags and Scafftag Guide |

Safety Tags and Scafftag Guide

Why Visual Tagging of Equipment and Energy Sources is Important

  • Reduce injuries and fatalities by providing clear safety information to prohibit access/use and help people make informed decisions
  • Comply with safety legislation
  • Clearly indicate equipment status and provide an audit trail of recent inspections and tests
  • Save costs by improving efficiency and reducing accidents

Lockout Tags / Safety Tags

Lockout Tag

Our general range of safety tags is designed to be attached at the point of a locked out machine or energy source, and clearly communicate information. Messages and information to be conveyed might include:

  • That an energy source or piece of equipment has been locked out, and the reasons why
  • Warnings and instructions not to remove tags, padlocks or lockout devices
  • Reminders not to attempt to operate equipment, start, stop, open or close switches and valves
  • Details of electrical, biological, radioactive or other environmental hazards
  • Name and details of personnel carrying out the maintenance.

Most tags simply tie on, and they come in other versions with extra functionality such as:

  • Attaching directly to padlocks
  • Self-fastening mechanisms
  • Dual-functioning as hasps
  • Space to attach photos of personnel
  • High visibility
  • High durability

Scafftag® Visual Tagging System


Scafftag® is an innovative tagging and status management system which is internationally used and recognised. The products are designed to the highest specification to endure tough industrial applications and the harshest environments. The tagging system comprises of two components, a permanent holder which is attached to the equipment and a replaceable status insert. Using Scafftag® solutions ensures a permanent data trail of inspections and work carried out, and whether or not the equipment is safe or prohibited at the point of use.

How the holder and insert system works:

  1. The holder is attached to equipment and displays a prohibition notice before an inspection or user check has taken place
  2. An insert is inserted in the holder when certain conditions are met: for example, an inspection by a competent person, or a safety check before use which is detailed on one side of the insert
  3. If not fit for use the insert is removed and prohibition notice is displayed until the equipment passes a check at a later date

Here is a brief guide to the different types of tag and their usage:


scaffold tag

Holders and inserts which clearly display the status of scaffolds at legal access points. After inspection the system can show whether it has been deemed safe at the time of inspection. There is also a range of colour coded inserts to be used on scaffolds with different loadings. These enable the user to clearly identify the type of scaffold and the status of it. The drawings on the inserts facilitate usage in teams where more than one language is being spoken.


ladder tag

Help meet requirements of ladder safety legislation. Facilitates user checks for damage and faults to ladders, while providing a ladder safety guide on the reverse side. The holder is attached to the ladder where it is clearly visible but does not affect ladder use. The insert details (such as reference number, class, use/duty, next inspection date) are filled in on inspection. “Do Not Use This Ladder” is displayed on the empty holder along with prohibition symbol.


tower tag

Display safe working loads for mobile towers, movement references and inspection information at point of use. Record up to 8 tower movements and up to 10 inspection records. The holder is attached to the tower close to the access point or in a position where clearly visible. Displays “Do Not Use Tower” prohibition notice when empty.



Holder and insert system designed to display “Next Inspection Date Due”, with different coloured inserts providing additional visual classification. This is one of the smallest in the range and is ideal for electrical equipment used for testing. “Do Not Use Equipment” message is visible on empty holder.



Designed to deliver inspection information of industrial equipment with little attachment space such as cables and small portable tools. Attached with a split ring or cable tie to a visible area of the equipment, the inserts display “Next Test/Inspection Date” which is recorded by competent personnel. The empty holder displays prohibition symbol.


forklift tag

This is a preventative safety management system to help control pre-shift inspections, maintenance and identification of forklifts. The holder is attached to the forklift truck and the operator conducts an inspection before use following a checklist on the insert. If the check is failed the insert is removed and given to a supervisor: the empty holder displays “Do Not Use Until Daily Check Has Been Carried Out Or Forklift Repaired”.



Unitag® is a robust solution for the identification and qualification of lifting equipment, industrial plant, valves and calibration equipment, as well as other applications. The holder features a permanent locking system which enables it to be fixed to all equipment. Optional standard inserts are available in a variety of colours.

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