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New Product Zone - Brand New Safety Products for Your Workplace |

Brand New Safety Products for Your Workplace

At Seton we see “new” as being much more than just the length of time a product has been on the market. It’s about being cutting-edge. It’s about knowing our customers and offering innovative solutions to the problems they tell us about. It’s about finding exciting ways to offer even better value for money.

As working practices, legislation and technology evolve so do your demands on us and the products we supply. That’s why we’ve launched our New Product Zone. Here you can quickly find essential new supplies specifically tailored to making your work life easier and safer.

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New Product Introductions

Customer Approved

There are plenty of reasons to introduce new products to our customers. Maybe there are work-based products we don’t already supply or perhaps there has been a development in technology or working practices. There could also be some new legislation that we need to keep up to date with.

However, when we look to expand our range we only ever do so with you in mind. These three questions are the cornerstone of everything we do:

  • What do you want?
  • What do you need?
  • How can we make your life easier?

New Vs. Innovative

At Seton we pride ourselves on being the health and safety experts. In an ever-changing world it’s impossible to do that without always being on the lookout for what is new. By keeping our finger on the pulse we can offer you the latest solutions for your workplace and continue to be your “go to” choice for all things safety. New is great, but it’s only half the story.

That’s why alongside being up to date with the latest products on the market, we always aim to innovate. Innovation is all about you. It’s looking at the problems you face and working out how to solve them. It’s listening to your feedback and working out what’s most important to you. And most crucially it’s using that knowledge to find and create safety products that offer you that little bit more.

Innovation and Customer Based Solutions

If something is innovative it is advanced, original and creative. It’s so much more than just “new”. We always strive to be innovative and to do this we find out what problems you are facing and find ways to solve them.

Our team of product experts regularly visit our customers’ workplaces to see our products in action. We look at how, when and where you use them…

  • Have you made any modifications?
  • Are you working with them in a way we didn’t expect?
  • Do you have any problems using them?
  • What are your processes before and after using our products?
  • What can we learn from this?

Once we have identified areas for possible improvement we host focus groups with a wide demographic of people to gain insider knowledge from those in the know - you.

Then we take our findings and get to work. We test. We develop. We look at things differently. We identify your needs and see what we can do to meet them.

This is how a “new product” becomes an “innovative solution”.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a change in material or finding a way of combining two products together. Innovation can be making small tweaks that simply smooth out the way ahead. And sometimes we look at bigger changes, bringing brand new products to the market that have never been seen before.

Once we are happy that we have created something you want, something you need, and something that makes tasks easier; we don’t stop there. We are continually evaluating and evolving to ensure our products always meet our innovation criteria.

You can work smarter, faster and better with the right equipment. A bad workman may well blame his tools, but a good one will always see the value in using the most advanced products available.