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ROCOL® - The makers of Easyline and Safe Step floor improvement products |

ROCOL® - Manufacturers of line marking, adhesives, and site safety products

The genesis of the ROCOL® company stretches back to 1854 when Victor Ivanovitch Ragosine took a chemistry degree at the University of Moscow. He quickly realised that the ever increasing need for machine lubrication by industrialised Europe wasn’t being sufficiently met by the poor quality animal and vegetable oils currently in use. These oils tended to be corrosive to the machines they were supposed to protect so, using a mineral oil residue considered waste, he developed a superior yellow lubricating oil which was virtually non-corrosive. The production process was patented and a London facility was opened in 1878 and 4 years later the manager, Ernest Glehn bought out the Russian companies share and opened his own company called Ragosine Oil Company later to evolve into ROCOL® .

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The company continued to produce lubricating oil, introducing innovations that continued to win awards across Europe and with each decade new and exciting opportunities opened up for the ROCOL Company.

The 1920’s - The Ragosine Oil Company started to supply Rolls Royce with Z Oil for their aeroplane engines. It was also the first time oil was placed into metal barrels.

The 1930’s - With European nations increasing their weaponry and turning to an increased reliance on aeroplanes the Ragosine Oil Company introduced the Minix 90 Aero Oil and supplied the RAF among others. They also developed and supplied oils specifically for use in steam powered liners, including the Queen Mary which set sail in 1934.

The 1940’s - With war raging the reliability of aircraft was critical and the Ragosine Oil Company aero oils continued to lubricate and protect the engines of Hurricanes, Lancasters and Spitfires.With war came an increase in the need and development of precision timing, navigation and control instruments and the Ragosine Oil Company developed lubricants to help ensure their reliability and accuracy.

The 1950’s - The Ragosine Oil Company changed its name to ROCOL Ltd. As Europe recovered from the war, demand in consumer goods increased greatly. To produce these on a large scale, precision cutting tools are required and ROCOL® developed lubricating oils for these tools to aid in the cutting process and prolong the life of the tool. It is also the first decade to see commercial passenger flights and ROCOL® oils are used by both the Havilland Comet and Vickers VC10 aircraft during high altitude conditions. Molybdenum Disulfide (Moly) is first used for the first time in lubricants on plane catapults on aircraft carriers.

The 1960’s - ROCOL® introduce the MOLYSPEED lubricant for the increasing number of vehicles now on the roads.

The 1970’s - Oil was discovered in the North Sea so ROCOL® developed valve oils specifically for use within this industry and are used on rigs across the globe. In 1978 the line marking painting system EASYLINE® is introduced and features on Tomorrows World. It continues to be the line marking system of choice for many car park, playground and warehouse applications. The ULTRACUT® brand of cutting lubricants is also launched.

The 1980’s - Due to the success of the Easyline edge marking system the ROCOL Site Safety Division is formed with the release of Pacer; a modular speed restriction system. In 1989 ROCOL® gained a foot hold in the anti slip coating market through the acquisition of American Safety Technologies and with it the SAFE STEP® brand. With 125 years of experience, Safe Step anti slip coatings were originally developed for use on the flight decks of aircraft carriers and have appeared on all US built carriers since 1962. Designed to withstand up to 15,000 aircraft landings, SAFE STEP anti slip Floor Coatings, Primers and Anti-Slip Treads are more than durable enough to cope with both pedestrian traffic and warehouse machinery and vehicles and continue to lead research into new anti-slip technologies. ROCOL® also went on to assist Richard Noble in his quest to set the land speed record, developed specialist grease for use on aircraft wing controls with Airbus. Aided the Frank Williams F1 team develop their championship winning car and introduced the SAPPHIRE brand of specialised greases.

The 1990’s - The brand ULTRACARE®, dedicated to the supply and management of cutting fluids, was introduced.

The 2000’s - ROCOLcare® is introduced to service the food industry.

ROCOL® and ROCOL SAFE STEP® continue to design, develop and manufacture innovative products at their UK based headquarters in Leeds. Having long standing working relationships with companies like Rolls Royce and Airbus mean that ROCOL® have a wealth of expertise and experience to produce products that can be relied upon and meet the specific needs of the customer.

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