Scissor Lift Tables

Keeping an industrial unit or warehouse running as well as it should can be a challenging task, but having the right equipment is sure to help. Moving stock around is likely to be an everyday occurrence, so it's well worth investing products that will help to make this as simple as possible. Our single Scissor Lift Tables are a great way to make loading and unloading items a little easier.

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Grid List

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230 mm(1)
340 mm(1)
348 mm(1)
450 x 700 mm(1)
500 x 830 mm(1)
520 x 1010 mm(2)
620 x 1525 mm(1)
Load Capacity  
150 kg(2)
250 kg(1)
300 kg(2)
350 kg(1)
500 kg(3)
750 kg(1)
800 kg(1)
115 kg(1)
118 kg(1)
120 kg(1)
150 kg(1)
165 kg(1)
168 kg(1)
175 kg(1)
41 kg(1)
49 kg(1)
78 kg(1)
87 kg(1)
91 kg(1)

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