Workplace Matting

A major problem that all businesses need to consider in terms of health and safety is the possibility of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. This applies whether your organisation is large or small, because an accident relating to slipping, tripping or falling can be very costly if you don’t have the right equipment in place to help prevent this.

If you do invest in the right equipment, you can significantly reduce the business workload that relates to this issue. Using the appropriate safety flooring can help people to stay securely on their feet, so choose matting that is suited to your own specific business requirements and environment. Workplace matting also includes mats that assist with alleviating stress for employees who have to stand for long periods.

Entrance matting

Good entrance matting to your premises reduces the possibility of slips, trip and falls for employees, clients and visitors. An effective scraper mat will scrape off dirt and wipe away moisture brought in from outside. You should look for slip and stain resistant PVC backing so that it will stay in place. There are various types of entrance matting from which to choose, depending on how much traffic you expect could transfer onto carpets and floors, and cause damage.

Anti-fatigue matting

Employees in packaging areas and on assembly lines will often be standing for long periods. Using anti-fatigue matting can make a real difference to the comfort of your employees working in those situations. Concrete floors can put a lot of strain on feet and legs that then transfers to backs, and causes problems that may require employees to take time off to recover. Anti-fatigue mats, especially those made from 100% closed cell vinyl foam, give added comfort and protection for employees who have to stand on concrete floors. This type of matting also helps to improve circulation and can reduce the pressure on feet, legs and backs.

Anti-slip matting

These self-adhesive and die-cut mats make work areas safer by reducing the risk of accidental slips and falls. They are perfect for using on ramps, walkways and stairs and for any slippery work areas. They are suitable both for outdoors and indoor areas.

Welding matting

If your business involves welding, then welding matting is an essential addition to your health and safety equipment. Using a diamond tread weld mat gives you a strong top surface with comfortable foam backing as well as a flame retardant top surface. Use it to maintain safety in welding bays and for any demanding industrial use.

Contamination matting

For clean rooms, hospitals, food shops and paint shops, contamination matting helps protect both employees, customers/patients and visitors in environments where cleanliness is essential. This type of matting, which is disposable, provides effective and economical protection against dirt and bacterial pollution.

Other matting

Depending on your business requirements, you can also find electrical safety, drainable and leisure matting that will make a real difference to your health and safety needs.

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