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Speeding forklift in the busy warehouse

12 common warehouse hazards

If your business premises include warehouse facilities, you’ll already be aware of the issues involved in keeping warehouse staff safe. Warehouse hazards are complex due
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Musculoskeletal back pain

Back Pain and Injury at Work

Back pain and injuries to the back at work are an ever-present threat to the wellbeing of employees in the workplace. According to estimates from
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Material Handling

All manufacturing and logistics businesses need to properly organise material handling to ensure the smooth and effective running of daily operations. This includes the most
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Forklift and lorry in good in

Access & Material Storage

When considering access for materials and the safe handling and storage of it, certain criteria should be examined. Consider the first question to arise, how
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Delivery man falling with cardboard

Warehouse Risk Assessment Guide

The Health and Safety Executive’s estimates[i] show that in the transport and logistics sector, each year around 3% of workers suffer from an illness they
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Fork lIft Trucks

Fork lift trucks: handle with care

Fork lift trucks are potentially very dangerous pieces of work equipment. Here we consider some recent cases involving fork lift trucks that illustrate where things
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Manual Handling

Manual handling applies to a wide variety of tasks involving the transporting or supporting of a load. This includes lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying and
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