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Lung Disease

Preventing Occupational Lung Disease

Occupational lung disease results from the inhalation of harmful mists, vapours, particles or gases. Appropriate preventative measures should be in place to control the risk
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Safe Work Experience

The risk assessment process forms the basis of the health and safety protection of trainees, work experience placements and volunteers. A risk assessment begins with
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Health & Safety Issues with Hot Desking

“Hot-desking” is now a common feature in many office-based environments. The principle is that workstations are used to their maximum potential, particularly where an organisation
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Safety Culture Update

Positive safety culture does reduce accidents The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) has published a new “white paper” on measuring the safety climate in organisations,
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5 Steps to Risk Assessment

The purpose of routine monitoring of the health of employees is to detect any adverse health effects arising from exposure to hazards in the workplace.
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