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Your Guide to Sorbents |

Your Guide to Sorbents

What is a Sorbent?

Sorbents are used to recover liquids through absorption. They are made from insoluble materials and soak up and retain liquid ensuring a quick and easy solution to cleaning up spills and leaks. Sorbent materials and any oil that is removed from them must be disposed of in accordance with approved regulations.

Seton offer a wide range of sorbent products ranging from pads and pillows to complete spill kits so you can rest assured we have a product to suit your needs.

Types of Absorbent

Our range of absorbents are available in oil-only, chemical and maintenance options.

Oil-only: Absorbs all types of oil and petroleum based liquids only

Chemical: Ideal for all chemicals, acids and bases

Maintenance: Use on a variety of liquids including water, coolants, solvents, oil and anti-freeze

Sorbent Pillows


Sorbent pillows are used on large spills once contained or for recurring leaks from valves or pipes. Also good to use in packaging for extra protection during transportation of liquids.

View sorbent pillows

Sorbent Socs and Boons

sorbent socs

Sorbent socs and booms have highly absorbent fillers to draw in the spill and safely contain the liquid. Fit around any machine, corner or curve to stop the liquid from moving and to ensure your workfloor is kept clean and safe.

View sorbent socs and booms

Sorbent Pads

sorbent pads

For emergency spills and general everyday use. Ideal for dealing with leaks and drips around the workplace. Use in high-traffic aisles and next to machines.

View sorbent pads

Sorbent Rolls

sorbent rolls

Long lengths of absorbent on a roll so you can pull off as much or as little as needed for the application. A low cost solution for absorbing a wide variety of industrial liquids.

View sorbent rolls

Sorbent Granules

sorbent granules

Allow for a fast clean up of small spills: simply pour over the spill to absorb the liquid. A cost-effective solution ideal for automotive industries, factories and warehouses.

View sorbent granules

Spill Kits

spill kits

Carriers of dangerous goods are obliged to provide their trucks with a spill kit. They contain a range of products to deal with spills quickly and effectively.

View spill kits


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