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Your Guide to Electricians Gloves |

Your Guide to Electricians Gloves

Electrical Gloves

Electricians gloves provide important protection for people working with live electrical equipment.

Electrical protection gloves are able to keep users safe from limited voltages, and the amount of protection the wearer receives will depend on the type of glove they wear.

Gloves which conform to EN standard 60903 are certified to reduce the risk of electrical shocks.

To select the correct gloves, it is important to understand the level of voltage to which workers will be exposed.

EN60903 defines six classes to which gloves can conform. Gloves with a better rating are approved for work under higher voltages. Gloves may need to be protected by an overglove, which will help prevent wear and tear. Once you know the maximum amount of voltage to which a worker will be exposed, you can see which type gloves you will need. Refer to this table to find out which EN 60903 class is right for you:

ClassTested AtApproved for Work Under
00 2500V 500V
0 5000V 1000V
1 10000V 7000V
2 20000V 17000V
3 30000V 26500V
4 40000V 36000V

Once you know the class you need, you can find the right type of electricians gloves by browsing our range of electrical gloves.


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