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Improving Workplace Productivity & Efficiency |

How to improve productivity in the workplace

Learn how 5S can help you increase business efficiency

It is becoming commonplace that companies are adopting lean practices and the elements of lean theory. Utilising theories such as 5S can aid a company in operating safer and more efficiently, thus increasing productivity within the workplace. Streamlining your business’ systems and practices is a way to help you and your staff achieve a thorough understanding of what is expected of them.

Lean manufacturing and practices, often known simply as ‘lean’ are methods that remove anything that doesn’t add value while highlighting what does and making it obvious for those viewing. The system was developed for the minimisation of waste. To make life easier for you, we have brought together an extensive range of innovative, simple and colour coded products and solutions that are easy to use, helping assist you to create a more dynamic business that is always improving and runs smoothly. Utilising lean principles will contribute to the overall productivity and output of your business.

What is 5S?

The 5S workplace method is a system created in Japan that comprises of 5 categories: Sort, set in order, shine, standardise, and sustain. 5S is designed for use in organisations to remove unnecessary items and waste and make it so that the business is more efficient and ensure that the practice can continue.

Sort - Involves the removal of everything that is unnecessary in the workplace, inclusive of tools. It allows for workspaces to be free of clutter, meaning only items that belong somewhere, are kept there. This reduces the amount of time looking for a particular item and improves safety. You can mark your tools and equipment with various forms of product status identification so you’re aware of the status of an item at any given time.

Set In Order - The organisation of items in a clean and clear manner, allowing staff to have a knowledge of exactly what is available or what needs replenishing at a glance, without the need for searching for extensive amounts of time. There is a wide range of storage equipment available at Seton to help you bring order to your business.

Shine - The cleanliness of a workplace in many industries is often overlooked, though a clean environment will contribute to the productivity of the business and the employees that work there. Shine is the cleaning of an area or workplace as well as regular maintenance of machinery and tools, reducing health and safety risks. In a 5S system, everybody takes responsibility for their workplace. You can utilise a form of waste management such as colour coded bins to help with that.

Standardise - The establishment of procedures and practices that help to bring order and cleanliness to an organisation. Often, when a company implements new procedures they can fall by the wayside and get forgotten about over time. Because 5S holds you accountable, it enforces the requirement to sustain the methodology within a workplace by putting adequate practices in place to ensure they are adhered to. This is where communication is important, visual items can help, things such as 5S Posters and Signs or 5S floor markings.

Sustain - The final part of 5S involves the continued use of the 5S practice throughout the business, ensuring that procedures remain in place and are adhered to keep a business efficient. It involves everybody at an organisation working together to maintain and participate in the process. 5S should be a long term process for it to be truly effective, not something that is only adhered to for a short period of time, and by using all of the necessary items to maintain great workplace efficiency, it’ll be easy for you to achieve.

How will 5S benefit my business?

By utilising 5S and lean strategies, not only are you able to protect your employees and visitors more effectively, but also increase the productivity of your business and as a result, your workforce. Removing unnecessary items and fixing storage places within your business is an easy and convenient way to begin making your workplace or warehouse more efficient and thus increase productivity throughout your business.

Health & Safety can be a bit of a minefield, with various rules and regulations sometimes making it tough to understand. Utilising the techniques listed above can help you to avoid complications within the business and within your workforce, making it so that everything in the business runs efficiently, in a productive manner. A visual workplace is key, and utilising the 5S methodology can help you to obtain that.

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