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5S Stencils and Industrial Paint

At Seton we’re aware of how important it is to have areas properly demarcated in industrial environments’ such as warehouses, stockrooms or anywhere with heavy duty machinery in constant operation. To help preserve high safety standards and efficiency at your place of work we offer a wide range of equipment to generate clear line marking and permanent signage that will alleviate risk and reduce the chance of accident or damage to your equipment and employees. The products in this category will provide you with the complete system to create and maintain long lasting and accurate line marking, take a look below for our buying guide.

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Industrial Paints and Stencils: Buying Guide

The main component of any line marking system is the line edger itself; we provide equipment from one of the industry leaders to give you the ability to create that system for your workplace. The ROCOL Easyline edge line applicator is the starting point to your floor marking solution. With the ability to adjust the width of the line and a unique battery powered airflow system that ensures lines come out looking clean and crisp it is an obvious choice.

It comes supplied with applicator plates to aid in the creation of clear and sharp lines and is useful for a variety of locations and situations, creating a work space that is safe and easy to use. From marking out hazardous areas and delineating spaces that will be used for bulk storage to dividing lines for car parks and schools. The wheels are fully adjustable to allow marking in close spaces and up to wall edges should this be required. This is a versatile piece of equipment that will serve all of your line marking needs.

The Easyline applicator is simple to operate and is compatible with the ROCOL Easyline aerosol spray, this is available from us in a complete range, which is unique to the Easyline system and allows areas that will be divided or that are dangerous for employees to enter to be clearly marked for their safety. This paint and all other industrial spray paint supplied by Seton is capable of creating a consistent line quality and is non toxic. They come in a variety of colours including a fluorescent yellow option for safety line demarcation, all of which comply with European safety directives.

Each aerosol can comes with two applicator nozzles, one for line marking and the other for free hand use, such as applying stencils. We also supply a varied range of premium Setonline spray paints for general use and as permanent line marking spray, a perfect alternative if the ROCOL system is unavailable to you.

When considering the best way to show clear signage that will adhere to 5s methodology in the workplace, that isn’t affected by the elements and will provide a long lasting solution, look no further than Setons wide range of reusable high quality industrial stencils. They are made of tough PVC and are laser cut to ensure maximum quality and results. They can be used for car parks, pavements, loading bays, warehouses and stockrooms, in fact anywhere where safety of employees and the public is a primary concern. The stencils allow areas to be clearly marked for all to see and will aid in increasing the efficiency and general tidiness of high traffic work areas, especially in warehouses. Use paint marking spray and choose a highly visible location for maximum results. This simple tool allows you to display in bold, clear lettering a safety warning or instructional message that will be easily understood by everyone.

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