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Warehouse & Industrial Handling

Need help? Need help? What warehouse equipment should you use? UK Warehouse & Industrial Handling Supplies Online

Running a warehouse and managing goods on an industrial scale is a challenging process, and having the right equipment is vital. Here at Seton, we understand the challenges you face, and we’ve put together a comprehensive selection of products to cater for your every need.

From the lifters you need to manage heavy crates, and the trucks and trolleys you need to move them around, to industrial quality shelving, sturdy ladders for access, and packaging materials, it’s all here, along with workshop equipment and the gear you need for testing and measuring. Our range of styles and brands will help you make the best possible choices for your business.

Upgrading your equipment will help you to meet regulatory requirements as well as health and safety standards because all our products comply with the latest legislation. It will also help ensure that all your operations run as smoothly as possible.

Take a look at our buying guide and FAQs.

Warehouse Equipment: Buying Guide

For those in charge of logistics in the world of business, optimum warehouse and stock management is a top priority. Whether they are involved in production, manufacturing, distribution or retail – storing and handling goods is a core component of the services that they provide.

Of course, the systematic oversight of logistics depends on the people that coordinate them. But, the storage units, moving equipment, monitoring tools and packaging materials are also key players in this crucial element of an enterprise.

For anybody that is involved with warehouse and industrial handling, having efficient and robust storage and shelving solutions is incalculably valuable. But with an overwhelming range of racks, shelves, bins, cupboards and cabinets at our disposal, deciding on the right arrangement for your operation can be difficult for even experienced managers or logistics experts. Contemplate the space available to you, alongside the weight and dimensions of items in your stock range, and this will give you an idea of the storage capacity you require. In the meantime, cover the essentials like heavy duty shelving or racks for larger items or crates, but remember to address secondary storage concerns that support your logistical efforts like the cupboards or cabinets used by the staff in your warehouse. Once you have the necessary storage that allows your business to function, then you can build on this foundation and explore more specialised solutions like colour-coded bins or mobile shelving units.

Still, logistical operations are not just static endeavours. Supplies, products, and resources must be moved as well as stored.. Even with the most enthusiastic workforce, heavy crates, cumbersome boxes or industrial materials are difficult if not unsafe to move by hand. As such, many operations depend on pallet trucks and lifters to move goods around premises safely and smoothly. These might include mechanical equipment like lifters, hydraulic stackers or scissor lifts that can cope with extremely heavy loads. Other options include pallet trucks or trolleys that require some manual effort. Trolleys can be used in the office, for instance, when collecting waste or delivering mail. These valuable transportation devices can have profound impacts on the speed and efficiency of your operations as you move stock around your warehouse or storage facility, while also protecting the safety of your employees.

Once you have storage infrastructure and a means of transporting goods within your facilities in place, you can start to think about finer details such as how to organise space and stock accordingly. Packaging tapes and tools offer a versatile and affordable means of systemising warehouse and industrial handling. They include everything you need to tag and organise goods or prepare them for distribution, while also making life a little easier for your staff because they can quickly and easily identify where they need to focus their attention.

The final piece of the puzzle is monitoring your logistical operations to make sure that storage, relocation and distribution efforts run like clockwork. With the right test and measurement equipment, warehouses and storage facilities become well-oiled machines that propel enterprises to even greater levels of productivity and profitability. These might include thermometers that make sure your goods are stored correctly, or laser distance measuring tools which ensure you optimise the space available to you. Specialised equipment such as sound meters help ensure that your working environment meets regulatory standards, while also helping you to look after the health and safety of your staff.

Our diverse and impressive selection of warehouse and industrial handling equipment is conveniently organised to make it easy for you to find exactly what you need.


Can I use ordinary shelving in my warehouse or do I need something special?

Most of the shelving we stock is graded by weight. This makes it easy for you to select the appropriate type for the goods or equipment you plan to keep on it. You should never exceed the weight limit of your shelving because this could create a safety risk and may void your insurance.

Why can’t I just keep track of what’s in different crates by writing on them?

That is a viable solution in some situations, but it can cause problems if writing rubs off, if a crate is stacked the wrong way round or if you want to re-use a crate for something else and can’t get the writing off. Tags are a cheap and effective way to organise crates and boxes, and when you’re dealing with many items, they can save you time. Combining tagging with floor or shelf markers means your employees can see at a glance, which items should go in which section of your warehouse.

How do I know what type of trolleys I need in my workplace?

When you’re thinking about moving goods, you should consider how much they weigh and how far your employees will have to take them. Heavier trolleys can be easier to manoeuvre but take more of a toll on flooring, so are not suitable for the parts of your premises you need to keep looking pristine.

I need to upgrade my existing equipment. Will I be able to find compatible products at Seton?

We stock many different brands so you may well be able to find products you’re already familiar with. Many of our products are designed to meet specific industry standards, so they’re easy to combine with your existing equipment.