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Need help? Need help? What is the best mailbox solution for your company? Receiving important documents is key to the smooth running of any business and keeping deliveries safe and secure is an important consideration for any business owner. Our range of mail box products is designed to help ensure that deliveries at any time are kept safe and secure until office staff are able to access them. Our lockable mail boxes are an economical and dependable solution to your workplace mail delivery needs. Choose from our range of secure mountable mail boxes to create a safe, secure storage solution for all your business deliveries. These products will ensure you never miss an important delivery.

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Letter Boxes: Buying Guide

Whether you are seeking an external mail box because of access issues to a door-mounted letterbox, or simply want to limit access to deliveries by creating a secure lockbox space for mail, our range of mailboxes are the perfect solution.

Installing an Industrial Design Mail Box at your business premises can help to give you peace of mind that important documents and other deliveries will be kept in a safe place until staff are available to collect them.

For internal use we also supply Post Box Lockers, these efficient units are an excellent alternative to the external mail boxes when considering security concerns. Each box has an individual posting slot and is ideally suited for use in offices or schools but is versatile enough to be set up in any premises required.

We offer a selection of external mail box products that can be wall, rail or post-mounted to create a convenient, safe place to take receipt of deliveries at any time — day or night. The standalone post boxes offer a simple solution to mail delivery problems, allowing for documents, letters and small parcels to be safely guarded until such time as members of staff are available to access and deal with them. Choosing one of our business mail box solutions can help to ensure that all deliveries remain secure from the moment they arrive to the moment designated staff members unlock the box. Strongly built, these mail boxes are designed to be secure against opportunist thieves keeping documentation and deliveries secure at all times.

Our external, mountable post box products are also available fitted with internal fireproofing measures to keep them safe and secure in the event of attempts at malicious ignition, or in the event of a fire in the surrounding area.

The industrial mail boxes that we supply are available in a selection of designs, helping you to find the right product to fit your available space. The boxes are available in post, rail or wall-mounted versions, allowing for these products to be mounted in the manner that is most suited to your own business and premises.

Our Slimline Mailboxes feature hooded post slots, which can help to prevent the ingress of water in wet weather conditions, meaning that you will not have to worry about rain damaging important documents while they are stored in your mail box and awaiting collection.

Choosing an industrial post box that can be affixed in an easily accessible spot outside your workplace not only helps to ensure that those making deliveries can easily access your business mail box, but also allows you to do away with integrated post box slots, which can present a security risk at business premises.

Our range of mail box products is a useful addition in any industry, they have been designed to meet the needs of many different business premises, taking the stress out of mail delivery and storage for business owners, who will be able to rest assured that posted items will stay safe right up until the moment they are in the hands of trusted staff members.