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Stackers are central to the productivity of warehouses in various industries ranging from retail to manufacturing. Our hydraulic stackers are designed to make it easy for you to unload items and lower them for transportation elsewhere. They can take heavy loads and are available in a range of sizes to suit the types of items that you distribute, store and ship every day.

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Pallet Stackers: Buying Guide

We understand that finding the right equipment for your workforce is very important. You want your employees to be safe and to fulfil their potential. Our stackers and other pallet trucks and lifters will ensure that this is the case.

Stackers aid health and safety by providing employees with the required equipment to move pallets and other heavy-duty items in a secure and stable manner. The Hydraulic Stackers are a premium solution for enterprises that want the very best for moving on-site goods. Transporting products quickly and efficiently around large warehouses can streamline various business processes, so it makes sense to invest money in the right machinery. We also have Scissor Lift Tables to complement our stackers.

The Hydraulic Stackers meet European GS Standards and conform to BS EN ISO, so you know that you are getting machinery that meets the highest standards of safety. The stackers are easy to operate as employees can control the hydraulic pump by hand or foot, and the two-fork system is robust and can take a large load capacity. They are designed for work in industries such as retail, distribution and manufacturing, where the loading and unloading of items from racking and vehicles is an everyday occurrence. There are numerous size variants, so you can buy several Hydraulic Stackers for different types of job in the workplace.

Managing critical business tasks on industrial sites and in warehouses is incredibly challenging and made even harder without equipment that works properly and that you can rely on to deliver maximum performance day in, day out. All of our products meet our “Safety Made Easy” promise but also aim to drive operational efficiencies for businesses in a range of industries across the globe. We only carry warehouse and industrial handling products that ensure that your operations will run smoothly at all times.

The Hydraulic Stackers are also great for visibility in workspaces as the yellow epoxy powder-coated finish makes them stand out, which improves health and safety during operation. The stackers are fitted with braked castors with wheel guards to prevent unforeseen injuries and accidents, while the nylon load rollers aid performance. This really is the ultimate solution for any business that has appropriate offloading facilities and needs a reliable stacker to lower heavy-duty items very close to the floor. They can then be transported elsewhere using our range of pallet trucks, which can move and even weigh pallets during the shipping process or after receiving goods from suppliers.

Lifting items safely is vitally important when you consider the sheer scale of these operations for modern businesses. Poor machinery could damage goods, for example, which will cost you time and money to replace. Our Hydraulic Stackers are fit for any loading and unloading activities in warehouses. They will optimise your operations and ensure that goods get to where they need to be as quickly as possible.