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Packing Boxes & Bubble Wrap

Customers value high-quality packaging when purchasing and receiving products, so ensure that you deliver the very best solution with our range of Packing Boxes and Bubble Wrap. The way that you package goods and send them says a lot about your business, so it is important that you make the right impression. We have durable boxes that can be used to keep small and large-quantity products of any weight secure, enabling peace of mind when sending them to destinations across the globe. With a range of sizes available, you will have everything that is required to transport products safely and securely.

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Shipping Boxes and Bubble Wrap: Buying Guide

Packaging and distribution of goods and products is central to the success of the vast majority of modern enterprises. Clients and customers expect to receive items that have not been damaged in any form during transit. Our Packing Boxes will provide the protection that your goods need in both storage and transit. Made from a durable, corrugated kraft board, the boxes are equally adept at storing small items and heavier products, and the high-strength construction means that cartons won’t be crushed when they are stacked.

Damage to products could be unavoidable if you can’t get them to a client or customer safely and securely, so purchasing the right boxes is of paramount importance. Goods that are damaged on arrival are a major headache for enterprises as they lose the cost of the item, incur more shipping expenses, and then to have to send a replacement or refund, which is yet more additional cost. It can also sour relationships with retailers and customers, having a detrimental impact on brand reputation.

Our Packing boxes make storage and transportation easy. You will be able to protect and send goods across the UK, Europe and worldwide, despatching items in large quantities in a quick and convenient manner. The boxes are available in either single or double-walled variants to suit your application, and they are best used with our comprehensive range of packing tapes, despatch envelopes, packing labels and tags and ties for a complete packing solution that businesses in any industry or sector will benefit from.

We also have Bubble Wrap for sending fragile products. This product uses standard protruding air-filled hemispheres to cushion goods when they are in packaging boxes so that they don’t get damaged or break during transit. Safe shipment is vital for certain products, so always use bubble wrap to provide an additional layer of protection. Available in medium weight with either small or large bubbles, this wrap will be of use in any working environment.

Both small businesses and large organisations may not be willing to invest a significant amount of money into expensive packaging supplies, so our Bubble Wraps are a great, cost-effective solution. It will protect goods and products from bumps, vibrations and shocks during transition, and it will give clients and consumers peace of mind as they will know that the goods haven’t been unduly knocked around. Especially useful for long-distance transportation, the wraps can also be used as a branded package when used with our other tags and ties and other packaging tapes and tools.

Packaging is a vital part of marketing and impacts on the saleability of the product, so it is important to do it right. Our boxes, wrap and tools will ensure that every product that you send gets to the end user safely and securely.