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Traffic & Car Park Management

Need help? Need help? How to create a safe car park layout Traffic and Car Park Management from the Safety Experts

At Seton, we are committed to helping you run a safe and orderly workplace. Traffic accidents are amongst the most serious that can occur in and around your site, so it’s important when looking at safety that your attention isn’t placed solely on the inside of your premises. In this section, you will find a range of outdoor solutions that place an emphasis on keeping drivers and pedestrians safe, including line marking equipment, safety signs, cones, barriers and speed bumps.

Our selection of traffic and car park management equipment includes racks and shelters to help cyclists, and mirrors that allow vehicles to move safely through areas where there are blind corners or foot traffic. We also supply surface repair equipment so you can tackle troublesome potholes, ensuring you make a good first impression before visitors even enter your building. To find out more about how layout, speed control and signage can make your car park safer, check out our parking provision buying guide and frequently asked questions.

Car Park Safety Equipment Buying Guide

Managing your car park efficiently reduces the risk of accidents and makes life easier for visitors arriving on your premises, putting them in a better mood. Our range of traffic equipment is designed to help with every aspect of this.

Considering Your Car Park Layout

When setting out your car park, it is important to consider the routes used by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and think about how to keep all three groups safe. Setting out clearly delineated routes and parking spaces will make your car park much easier for everyone to manage. Line marking equipment means you can transform your car park quickly and easily turning an open or disorganised area, where users have to guess how best to conduct themselves, into an organised space.

Using onsite surface repair solutions such as the Instarmac range will prevent you from having to pay professionals to come in when problems develop You can also avoid the need for big repairs by making small ones as soon as the need becomes apparent. Prompt action is always the key to reducing the cost of site maintenance.

Car Park Wayfinding

Our extensive range of traffic signs lets you provide clear directions to drivers and pedestrians and identify different areas within your car park. With several different styles to choose from you can find something that makes your car park safer and easier to use that also suits your brand. Made from durable materials our signs are weather-resistant and long lasting for a permanent solution. We also supply sign fixings so you can attach them wherever and however they are needed.

Vehicle permits make it easy to clarify who is allowed to be where. This can help you manage security issues and reduce the risk of your car park being used for convenience by people who aren’t visiting your business. These can be supplied numbered and/or customised giving you complete control over who can and can’t use your facilities.

Car Park Equipment

Barriers and cones provide you with flexibility and are ideal for making short term layout changes to your car park. Highly visible access management equipment will prevent cars and pedestrians from entering areas that are restricted temporarily due to vehicle unloading, repairs or poor weather conditions. They are also useful if you need to engage in traffic management off site. For instance, they are popular with construction companies who need to keep drivers safely out of the way when they are doing jobs that block part of the public road.

Reducing the speed of vehicles around your site will have a major impact on safety. We stock a range of traffic calming solutions such as speed bumps that encourage drivers to behave responsibly. This is especially important where heavy goods vehicles are present. We also supply traffic mirrors to assist drivers who are turning on blind corners or reversing through crowded areas.

Safe Storage for those that Cycle to Work

Fitting cycle racks and shelters in your workplace is a great way to encourage staff and visitors to use a greener form of transport and reduce the risk of theft or damage to bikes. Employees who cycle regularly are likely to be healthier and more energetic, so providing storage facilities can even boost your business’s productivity.

Traffic Control FAQs

My car park is very small. Do I really need to do anything with it?

It is even more important to make sure vehicles can move around efficiently when you are working with a small space, otherwise there is a high risk of accidents and vehicles and access points becoming blocked.

Do I need to include disabled parking spaces?

The exact figure on how much disabled parking should be provided depends on your business type with shops, restaurants and other regularly visited locations obviously requiring more. At least one space should be provided in small car parks with larger sites working on a percentage basis. Disabled parking should be as close to building entrances as possible and preferably within 50 metres. Reserved bays should be clearly marked and our range of signs and road marking equipment make that easy.

Must I have a separate car park entrance and exit or will just one access point do?

There is no obligation for you to have a separate entrance and exit, however, in a busy car park they can make traffic flow much easier to manage. We can supply signs and marking equipment to make the proper way in and out easy for visitors to identify.

How often should I resurface my car park?

Most car parks only need resurfacing once a year, in spring, so they can recover from damage caused by ice during the winter. It is useful to be able to fix them quickly at other times of year and we can provide equipment that makes it easy to do this yourself.

How can I find out more about car park regulations and rules?

To learn more about car park management, our useful car park safety guide offers information on everything from disabled parking and access to lighting and drainage.