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Floor Rubbish Bins

Need help? Need help? More information on Floor Rubbish Bins Keeping on top of cleanliness, littering and in-house levels of tidiness can be difficult sometimes, especially if there are many people coming and going from your premises. A good way to encourage those on-site to be more mindful with their litter is to provide them with plenty of visible, easily accessible Floor Rubbish Bins, dispersed equally around the premises.

As well as encouraging people to sort and dispose of their rubbish accordingly, our wide range of rubbish bin options will help to ensure that your workplace is kept tidy and free of clutter; minimising the risk of any hygiene issues or health and safety breaches.

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Hygiene Issues

An untidy workplace can cause several issues for employees. Poor levels of hygiene and cleanliness can cause illness and attract vermin. Litter can also obstruct corridors, emergency exits and cause dangerous conditions underfoot. This in turn can easily breach health and safety regulations and compromises the safety of employees, visitors and members of the public within the premises.

The most effective way to tackle this issue and encourage those on-site to keep it clean and tidy is by placing several obviously visible and accessible bins throughout your premises. Our wide range of top quality, affordable rubbish disposal solutions will help keep your workplace cleaner, tidier and safer for all, reducing the risk of illness or accidents.

Floor Rubbish Bin Options

Floor Rubbish Bins are a popular choice because of how easy they are to install, clean and maintain. Should your needs change, they can be easily relocated, and their designs mean that rubbish and food waste is kept covered and out of the reach of vermin. They’re also an extremely affordable way to promote responsible rubbish disposal on-site.

Our popular black Dustbin is a perfect example of versatility – this affordable, easy to clean and high capacity rubbish disposal solution looks great; regardless of whether it’s stored in or outside. Its clip-on lid and durable construction keeps waste contained and safe from rats or other unwanted visitors.

Our stylish, practical Fire-Retardant Litter Bins tick all the right boxes in terms of health and safety. Their attractive, brightly coloured outer makes them stand out, reminding staff and visitors to use them. Bins with self-closing push-flaps like this ensure that litter is disposed of hygienically and safely, preventing any odour from seeping out or leakage.

Alternative Waste Bins

It’s of utmost importance to keep your premises clean, safe and litter free. The more facilities you can provide to encourage responsible rubbish disposal, the better. Our range of Outdoor Bins is extensive and we are sure to have the perfect waste container for your needs.

Wall Mounted Cigarette Bins help keep any designated outdoor smoking areas that your employees utilise clean and tidy. Our range of affordable, purpose built Ashtray Bins are also ideal for installation within these zones, as they give the people using them a safe and easy way to dispose of their cigarette ends.

If your premises are based in an area where people like to walk their dogs, visibly installing and promoting the use of Dog Waste Bins is recommended.

Alternatively, if you are looking for litter bins more suited for offices and other internal workspaces, check out our range of Indoor Waste Bins. Here you will find Recycling Bins, General Waste Bins and Sackholders as well as many more.