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Flood Warning Signs

Need help? Need help? Do I need flood warning signs? Top-Rated UK Flood Warning Signs, Free Fast Delivery

During an emergency, there is nothing as important as proper communication. If your worksite is in a flood-prone area, communicating safe evacuation routes and warning about flooding dangers and risks is incredibly vital for ensuring the safety of all employees and worksite visitors.

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Flood Warning Signs Buying Guide

When selecting flood warning road signs, there are a number of important factors to consider, including regulations from the HSE, optimal flood warning sign placement and maintenance. The information below will help you to select the best flood warning signs for your work site or road.

Flood warning signs UK regulations and the law

The HSE has a number of guidelines on the use of warning signs, containing information regarding employer liabilities and responsibilities regarding maintaining a safe workplace. They also cover general principles for how to choose and place warning signs and information about the kinds of signs which should be used.

The first place to start, when deciding on sign placement and usage, is to perform a comprehensive risk assessment of the premises as suggested by the HSE. A full risk assessment of all hazards should also include emergency response planning and the development of evacuation routes in the event of an emergency. Once you perform your full risk assessment, you will know where best to place your flood warning signs.

Flood warning sign placement

If you are buying signs for a road or outdoor area, it is really important to place the signs in highly visible areas, so that the signs will be eye-catching and easy for visitors to spot. When signs are placed outdoors, they may also eventually show signs of wear and tear from extended exposure to weather conditions. It is important to continually check in on the signs and perform any maintenance necessary – such as replacement, cleaning, and re-installation.

Sometimes the best option is to use traffic cones when warning of flooding and redirecting traffic. Seton offers a number of different flash flood warning signs and flood traffic redirect signs that are specially designed to fit over standard traffic cones. These signs, such as the Flood Area, Road May Flood and High Water signs are all made from durable polypropylene and can be easily fitted onto cones.

Finding the right flood warning signs

When deciding on which signs to choose, it is important to consider the layout of the premises and the types of signs that are needed. Warning signs will help employees and visitors to remain alert to early indications that a flood that may occur. Seton offers a full range of flood warning signs, including traffic-focused signs and signs warning of a flooded road, area, or diversion.

Instructional flood warning signs, such as our In Case of Flood Climb to Safety and When Flooded Turn Around Don’t Drown are helpful to remind employees of their emergency evacuation procedure, and also clearly inform visitors, or individuals who do not know the evacuation procedure, of the best actions to take in the event of a flooding emergency.