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Flood Protection and Control

Need help? Need help? How would you prepare for a flood? Top Rated Flood Protection and Control Equipment

Sudden, unpredictable changes in weather can lead to flash flooding or water ingress through roofs. Unexpected events like this can cause havoc to your business and serious amounts of damage can occur very quickly. If your premises are based in an area prone to flooding, it’s essential to be prepared.

We have a huge selection of products to help you deal with flooding and related hazards. Our sandbag alternatives and flood control products allow you to take back control and minimise damage during torrential downpours. An investment in our modern sandbag alternatives or safety signage made now could save considerable amounts in the future. For more information on which products are right for you and how to be prepared for unexpected flooding, check out our flood equipment buying guide.

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Flood Equipment Buying Guide

In bad weather conditions, having the right equipment and supplies on-hand can make a world of difference. Although these scenarios may sometimes be unavoidable and completely unpredictable, there are ways of containing inundation and minimising damage to your premises by using the right equipment.

Choosing Flood Control Supplies

Being prepared for unexpected circumstances such as floods is vital, as they can cause disruption and serious damage to your premises rapidly. We have a vast amount of flood control products that minimise the risk of destruction during heavy downpours.

To help minimise the effects of flooding you can use our range of flood prevention items. An investment in our flood barriers will allow you to take back control. They can also be stacked or folded to increase height and provide extra protection.

There are many other flood control products that you should consider such as:

Water Pumps: If flood water does enter your premises, a pump will clear up the water with ease. We stock pumps that can be used to clean sewage, mud and viscous liquids. They are also versatile as you can use them to drain pond water, pump water from a well or into a reservoir.

Sandbags: Using a traditional method such as sandbags prevents water from entering your building. They are also effective and affordable. Seton is committed to giving you the very best in up to date equipment for health and safety, because of this, we now supply many alternatives to traditional sandbags. These offer all of the benefits of sandbags but are made of modern materials that are lightweight and easier to store.

Hazard signs: Raise the awareness of potential dangerous situations.

Flood Preparation

Where possible, prevention is more effective than reaction. Monitor weather forecasts, be aware of potential flood risks and conduct regular checks of your premises during extremes of weather. If flood warnings are issued in your area, assembling flood prevention barriers and placing sandbags around the entrance(s) to your premises before bad weather arrives will help lessen the effects of flooding.

What Flood Control Products Should I Consider?

  • Flood prevention barriers, when placed by the entrance(s) to your property can block water from entering the premises.

  • Sandbags are a cheap, affordable and effective method of preventing floodwater entering a building or other areas.

  • Barrier warning tapes safeguard the safety of those on-site by barricading off particularly hazardous areas to protect employees and members of the public. Safety barriers are another effective safety precaution.

  • Protective clothing, such as deep water gloves, helps protect those dealing with the emergency from hazardous substances. This reduces their chances of becoming ill or picking up infection, after exposure to bacteria in floodwaters.

  • Caution signs raise awareness of hazards to those accessing the premises, helping to keep them safe and healthy.

  • Industrial cleaning products should be kept on-site, to cleanse and disinfect areas of water damage. Restoring hygiene and cleanliness is key to keeping the people around you safe.

  • Where flooding may have been caused by internal factors, rather than environmental (such as clogged or burst pipes) drain un-blockers can prove extremely useful.

  • Should water make its way onto your premises, a pump will make clean up much quicker and easier. With a variety of options suitable for clean water, sewage and viscous liquids they can even be used to drain pools or fill reservoirs.

Dealing With Unexpected Flooding

Flash floods and finding the right products to deal with them can be difficult, but it pays to have the correct supplies held on-site in case of emergency. If the worst was to happen and your premises aren’t prepared, you may suffer serious consequences – both financially and concerning health & safety. It simply isn’t worth leaving things to chance. Drain un-blockers, flood barriers, safety signs, drain rod sets and wet pump vacuums may seem unnecessary right now, but you’ll be thankful you made the investment should a sudden emergency arise.