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Safety Barriers

Need help? Need help? Why are safety barriers so important for your site? 5-Star Quality Safety Barriers With Express Delivery
Safety equipment is a wise investment for businesses to create a safe working environment for staff and visitors to their site. We offer a wide selection of products to make this easier. These include safety barriers, which can be used to protect both your assets and workforce. To find out more check out our barrier guide.

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Road Barriers Around Your Site

Safety barriers have multiple uses including:

  • Cordoning off hazards

  • Restricting access

  • Crowd control

  • Protecting people and assets

Barriers can be very effective in car parks, but many options are equally suited to indoor locations.

With an extensive range available at Seton, you are sure to find a safety barrier to suit your requirements.

Vehicle Barrier Options

Our safety barriers come in a range of options including steel or polyethylene to suit the varying needs of your business. Designed to be durable for long-lasting protection, our selection includes safety barriers ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Many of our barriers are portable to allow them to be moved as required. We also have fixed barriers ideal for increasing security at company entrances or marking the boundaries of car parks.

There are several options for protecting pedestrians, including our selection of crowd control barriers.

For creating a barrier around a short-term hazard, temporary fencing is a cost-effective way of managing safety.

Security Barriers and Accident Prevention

Barriers are an effective security measure which can significantly reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace. For increased safety, use barriers in conjunction with other items in our range. Floor marking tapes can be used to highlight hazards such as steps in dim light and traffic and car park signs will guide vehicles around your premises.

The wide range of safety barriers available from Seton will allow the safe management of people and vehicles in a variety of situations. In areas with a lot of traffic such as carparks, construction sites, and retail locations, the risk of accidents can be high. The effective use of safety barriers can do a great deal to reduce the likelihood of dangerous occurrences. The safe management of vehicles moving around, arriving, or departing your premises will increase both the safety and the efficiency of any site.

For both staff and visitors, the presence of security barriers provides reassurance that their safety has been considered. Good vehicle management is essential to the smooth running of any site, but with the use of safety barriers and other traffic management products from Seton, it is not difficult to implement.

At Seton, we take pride in fulfilling our motto of ‘safety made easy’. We make sure our barriers meet the required safety standards in UK and EU legislation, giving you complete peace of mind when you shop. If you are unsure which of our safety barriers is best for your circumstances, please get in touch for advice and assistance.

Safety Barrier FAQs

How do safety barriers work?

Sometimes people need reminding of the importance of safety in the workplace because when people become complacent, accidents are more common. Safety barriers are an effective way of highlighting hazards and alerting staff or visitors to your interest in their well-being. Something as simple as a retractable barrier that is only used from time to time confirms that you are aware of issues as they occur and provides reassurance. Moreover, the law says that “you must conduct your business without putting members of the public at risk”, and a lack of precautions may lead to trips, falls or even collisions that can have serious consequences. Fortunately, these are easily avoidable with the right road barrier, pedestrian barrier or crowd barrier from Seton.

How do safety barriers save lives?

There are many situations where permanent or retractable barriers can steer people away from danger hotspots and keep them in secure areas.

  • Working below ground or at a height. If your team is working high above ground level or underground, it can be challenging to maintain the safety of a site. People can fall off a structure or into a hole or drop an object on top of other workers, but you can minimise these risks with barriers that restrict access to the area.

  • Crowd flow barriers. To create a calm and safe environment when a large number of people are visiting a facility or to keep people moving in the right direction, the HSE recommends the use of barriers.

  • Avoiding hazardous spills. Spills often happen in busy workplaces, but you need to manage the issue fast because slips and falls can result. An expandable safety barrier will cordon off the liquid so that staff can clean it away safely.

  • Traffic management. To keep cars, vans and lorries in the appropriate lanes or direct them away from hazards, traffic barriers are an effective navigation tool. They can also mark designated crossing points, to maintain pedestrian safety.

How much do road safety barriers cost?

Ensuring that your team, facility and assets are always protected is a great responsibility, but Seton can provide you with great value solutions and guidance on getting it right. You must think about the potential harm that could come to visitors and team members as people move around the building. They need to know where to go on arrival, how to enter the building, which areas are restricted and where the exits are. If you have staff or visitors with disabilities, you must also consider their needs.

The first stage in managing risk is identifying the locations where a problem could arise and putting the correct measures in place. The HSE reports over 5,000 accidents occurring each year in the workplace involving transport, but with the right tools, you can protect your team and keep your business running efficiently at all times.

Whether you need a temporary barrier, a fixed chain post or a retractable barrier, our prices start from under £75. Along with great value, we offer a collection of barriers to meet every requirement, even customised safety barrier options that deliver a specific message.


Can I use barriers to protect my stock?

Whether you use boxes, racking or cupboards to store your stock, a collision can be expensive in terms of replacements and productivity. Something as simple as a plastic barrier chain signals that an area is out of bounds.

Do barriers prevent vehicle collisions?

Yes, they can. In a workplace where small trucks and forklifts are regularly used to shift stock, a protection barrier can guide drivers around the shop floor and alert pedestrians to the presence of traffic lanes.

Can I tailor-make a barrier system?

Yes, you can. Our Retractable Belt Barriers have four-way connectors on each post, so you can easily change the size and shape of a cordoned-off area.