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Disability Access Ramps

Providing ease of access for everyone on your business premises is essential. The Equalities Act (2010) states there must be “reasonable access” to buildings for all visitors and provisions should be made for ensuring that happens. Disability access ramps are a simple solution to assist individuals that require extra help and can be used in a wide range of locations.

Maintaining the highest safety standards is essential for any business and ensuring you comply with health and safety regulations is vital. With the selection of disability access ramps available at Seton, you are sure to find a design that meets your requirements. For more information on easy access for those that require assistance and how to make sure your premises are usable by everyone, check out our access ramps guide.

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Access Ramps for Business

Allowing access to your premises is a fundamental part of running a business. No one wants to feel unwelcome. The idea that anyone would consider your business in that way should be unthinkable. However, making sure that staff and visitors are able to work and spend time at your site can be taken care of quickly and effortlessly without the need for a costly permanent solution.

Disability access ramps are a simple and cost-effective method of allowing employees and visitors with disabilities to move freely around your premises. With this simple solution, obstacles such as door thresholds and vehicle access are easily overcome.

Ramps for Scooters and Wheelchairs

At Seton, we have a range of disability access ramps to suit different circumstances. Many are easily portable, allowing for use in multiple locations. For convenience, we include ramps that can be adjusted to the required size and stored away when not in use. In areas where a permanent solution is required, we have access ramps that can be easily secured in a fixed position.

Our selection also includes vehicle ramps so wheelchairs and mobility scooters can be transported easily.

Be sure to choose a ramp that makes users feel secure. Look for features such as non-slip surfaces, heavy-duty materials and handrails. These will provide extra stability and ensure your ramp will be durable for daily use.

Threshold Ramps & Easy Disability Access

Disability discrimination laws require businesses to make provisions for disabled access, but the number of options available at Seton makes it an easy task to find the ramp you need to allow access for everyone on your premises. Make sure your disability access ramps can be easily located using our disabled access signs.

As with all other equipment, disability access ramps must comply with health and safety legislation. At Seton, we aim to take the hard work out of health and safety. All our products comply with relevant laws, allowing you to install disability access ramps without concern.

Portable Ramps as Part of Your Onsite Access Equipment

At Seton, we have several products which increase the comfort and safety of your disabled employees and visitors. When planning emergency evacuation procedures, it is important to consider the difficulties some people may have in exiting the building. Have clear refuge point signs to guide anyone unable to independently exit the premises to a place where they can safely wait for assistance.

Don’t forget parking when making your premises accessible. In our selection of car park signs we feature a choice of disabled parking signs.

Our selection of disability aids offers door bells and grab rails which can also be used at entrances and exits.

When employees feel valued, they are likely to work more efficiently, but there can be nothing more demoralising than not being able to simply move freely around your workplace. Our disability access ramps are a small measure that can make a significant difference to your disabled workers.

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