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Smoking Shelters

To comply with current government legislation, all workplaces and enclosed areas must be smoke free. This can present a problem for offices and venues as they may not have the correct facilities for people to take cigarette breaks.

Installing one of our smoking shelters will enable you to comply with current legislation, as you will be providing your workforce and visitors with a designated area to smoke in. This not only keeps the rest of your site smoke free, it also enhances the overall presentation of the area. We have an extensive range of smoking shelters that suit every need. For more information check out our handy buying guide today.

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Smoking Shelter: Buying Guide

As smoking is now banned in enclosed public spaces, it’s vital to direct smokers to a specific area of your site. Our smoking shelters will not only benefit your employees and clients but your business too, as you can make sure that you are not liable for any fees. All our smoking shelters are fully compliant with UK Smoking Laws and they come in a variety of different designs.

Smoking Shelters: Benefits for your business

Smoking shelters help your company adhere to government legislation. With smoke-free zones and cigarette disposal laws enforce it is important your business follows, as failure to do so may result in your business being penalised.

If your smoking shelter is easily accessible, it will encourage workers to use it which means they won't be going to various areas to smoke. This is a benefit as you will not have the problem of cigarette butts being littered everywhere. Also, when you have somewhere for smokers to shelter while outside, it makes them easier to locate in the event of an emergency.

Outdoor Smoking Shelter: Designs

The smoking shelters available through our website have all been designed with smoking policies in mind, and over 50% of the sides have been left open to enable fumes to disperse quickly. This stops them being classed as an enclosed space, but still offers the weather protection that smokers are looking for.

Adding a large smoking shelter to your site does not mean creating an eyesore, and there are plenty of stylish designs available to suit every location. For instance, you can choose from simple wall-mounted shelters, as well as steel frame versions with polycarbonate or acrylic sides that offer added protection without making the structure too enclosed.

If you have a large business an Arched Roof Smoking Shelter may be the right choice for you. This modern smoking shelter can house up to 9 people and will protect smokers in all weather conditions. It also allows rapid dispersal of cigarette fumes.

For companies with limited space a Smoking Porch would be ideal. It provides cover for up to 3 smokers and is powder-coated to provide additional protection against the elements.

Our Smoking Shelters are easy to assemble. They are supplied flat packed with easy to follow instructions. We also supply outdoor furniture such as benches and planters, these will keep your outdoor space looking professional at all times.

Smoking Shelter: Hygiene

To keep your area clean and tidy, our free-standing cigarette bins and ash stands are essential items for your business. These products make sure your cigarette waste is disposed of correctly and they will improve your workplace environment overall.

If you require any assistance with the specifications for our smoking shelters, including the maximum capacity of the individual designs, we are more than happy to answer your questions before you place your order.

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