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Mesh Wall Partitions & Fencing

There are times when your workplace might need some temporary fencing or partitions to keep certain areas separated. For example, when maintenance work is being carried out and it is deemed safer to keep workers out of that space, or it could be that you want to use partitions to guide people through a particular area. Mesh wall partitions are a quick and easy, temporary option for restricting access to people and vehicles both inside and out. Read our buying guide for more information on using mesh wall fencing to keep your workplace safe.

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Mesh Wall Fencing - Buying Guide

If you have a situation where you cannot allow people into a particular area, it is important to make sure that the areas are clearly marked. It is not always possible to have staff on hand to point everyone in the right direction, so temporary barriers are the answer. These can be easily put in place by one or two people and will guide everyone to where they need to be.

Temporary mesh barriers can be used in workplaces of all types and not just warehouses or industrial locations. They are ideal for events to cordon off private areas. Festivals, fairs and other public occasions regularly attract thousands of people to a particular place. There will generally be areas where staff are permitted but members of the public should not go. Mesh barriers are the easiest way to section off a particular area, allowing staff to get on with their work and members of the public to move freely in designated areas. They can also be repositioned as needed and offer more flexibility than other types of temporary barriers.

If you decide to use mesh fencing then you need the right supports and bases to keep it in place. The upright support is strong and will withstand a great deal of wear and tear so you can put it in place and be sure it will stay there for as long as you need. These are designed to be used with brightly-coloured weighted bases so they can be easily seen.

Temporary Demarcation Advice

These barriers are often used in situations where health and safety is important. If parts of a building are being renovated it is unsafe to have you people wandering into those areas in case they are injured. There is always the possibility of falling masonry or trip hazards. Sectioning off those areas with mesh fencing, bases and strong upright supports should keep everyone safe.

Mesh wall partitions are a quick and easy fix to a potentially fatal problem. Without the right barriers in place, you are heightening the risk of accidents occurring. Companies will potentially have problems obtaining insurance if an accident occurs while there was no temporary demarcation put in place - premiums would almost certainly increase. Large sites, those with machinery present or regular maintenance work occurring should consider having partitioning of this type on hand at all times for use as part of their day-to-day work.

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