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Site Maintenance

Need help? Need help? What heavy duty cleaning equipment do I need? Ensuring efficient and appropriate site maintenance is a cornerstone of any organisation. Both employee and customer satisfaction can be affected by your business’s level of site maintenance, as well as your compliance with health and safety regulations.

Dirty or untidy areas can affect how your organisation or company is perceived. This can influence your long-term profitability and revenue. In addition, the safety of the interior and exterior of the building will also be compromised if all areas of site maintenance are not sustained.

We offer a range of site maintenance products, from industrial cleaners and waste collection tools to pressure washers and other devices to ensure your site is maintained in pristine shape. Read our site maintenance guide and frequently asked questions for more information on cleaning equipment and other useful facilities supplies.

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Industrial Maintenance: Buying Guide

The profitability and productivity of a business can be increased or decreased by the level of site maintenance your organisation employs on a day-to-day basis.

Proper functioning of business equipment and supplies can be the difference between workplace injury or incident and an accident-free workplace. Effective maintenance may also improve the longevity of business systems and equipment which will reduce total company costs in the long term.

Site management can include a wide variety of tools and implements, depending on the needs of your organisation. We provide several options for maintenance of the internal and external areas of your workplace.

Cleaning Equipment for Heavy Duty Applications

Proper cleaning tools and supplies are the mainstay of site maintenance, with untidy or dirty organisations usually recording higher rates of health and safety incidents as well as decreased levels of employee and customer satisfaction.

Our wide variety of industrial cleaners and replacement brushes and pads can help ensure your workplace is clean and hygienic. These products are highly durable and designed specifically for large scale cleaning duties. Taking the form of floor scrubbers and sweepers, they will solve all your industrial cleaning needs.

We also carry a range of pressure washers for outdoor areas or unusual cleaning situations. These are available as small, medium and large systems and as upright and independent units - perfect to tackle cleaning tasks in any sized area.

For smaller scale offices and premises, we offer a wide selection of cost-effective and hard-wearing carpet cleaners. From backpack and upright vacuums to traditional external units, there will be a cleaning solution to fit your requirements. All of these products are made for business environments and for the specific cleaning needs of most organisations.

When unexpected site maintenance issues arise, other management tools and equipment may be needed to resolve the incident. Devices such as litter pickers & shovels are the healthiest and safest method to dispose of waste and mess in your workplace.

Premises Protection Equipment

Prevention of site maintenance issues can often be a more effective method of resolving health and safety incidents than dealing with problems as they emerge. We stock a variety of prevention devices and tools in a wide range of site maintenance areas.

These tools are effective and can be easily installed and concealed on the exterior of your business. These prevention products can be installed and serviced as part of your site maintenance systems.

Facility Maintenance Equipment FAQ:

What if I need to replace a brush or head of my industrial cleaner?

We offer a range of replacement brush heads and spreader pads for industrial cleaners. You will need to check the size and brand of your device to ensure proper fit.

My organisation includes several desks and chairs that an upright cleaner can’t navigate around. Which product should I purchase?

Depending on the size of your workplace, we offer several types of vacuum cleaners, other than an upright style. Both backpack and stand-alone vacuums would be ideal for your situation.

I want to purchase a pressure washer but don’t need to clean large spaces. Can you help?

As well as larger, more powerful devices, we offer smaller-scale pressure cleaners. These are highly portable and easy to manoeuvre.

We often need to pick up litter but I am worried about the health and safety of the traditional litter picker. What are my options?

Litter pickers are probably the cleanest way to dispose of rubbish in and around your business. We offer pickers in kits together with other tools, such as gloves and safety vests, to provide added protection to your employees.

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