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As well as protecting the health and safety of their workforce, companies must also make concerted efforts to safeguard nonhuman resources such as equipment, machinery, buildings and facilities.

Accidental damage or gradual wear and tear over time is unavoidable, especially in busy workplaces. Repair and maintenance costs can often spiral with very little notice. With foresight, planning and comparatively small investments in items such as wall protectors these can be mitigated or avoided altogether. For more information on fender options, check out our useful buying guide below.

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Wall and Corner Guards: Buying Guide

Taking preventative action today is better than being forced to take far greater reactive steps after damage has occurred. Anticipatory measures serve to protect your buildings, facilities, and amenities from sustained deterioration over time, saving money in the long run. Our range of fenders includes an assortment of impact protectors and guard rails to minimise damage, so you can avoid emergency outlays.

Businesses or institutions that see a large volume of visitors or rely on the back and forth of heavy plant and vehicles are particularly susceptible to wear and tear to their buildings. Hospitals, schools, offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories and many other similar facilities are all prone to such damage.

Wall Protection Guard Options

A few popular options for protecting premises from damage include the following:

Wall Protection Buffers – implementing these affordable buffers within your premises helps protect corridors and walkways from damage caused by high impact collisions and other scrapes or blows. They’re easy to install and help disguise and absorb damage or scuffs incurred over time.

Economy Rubber Corner Protector & Fender – these easy to install fenders are an economical and effective way to protect vehicles and property from damage – for example, in tight car parking spaces or by warehouse doors.

Window Corner Protection – these practical, affordable protectors defend against impact injuries from staff or visitors catching themselves on the potentially sharp edges of open window-frames. Their self-adhesive backing makes them extremely quick and easy to install. An ideal choice for use in schools or office environments.

In areas where vehicle activity is high – say in a car park, loading bay, or vehicle depot – more sturdy measures might be required. We offer a robust range of guard rails & bars that are highly visible and that offer stout protection against even the most calamitous of impacts.

For building or facility extremities that are vulnerable and/or dangerous such as foam pipe edging or desk corners we have a vast range of products in our impact protectors line that are sure to cover your needs.

Safeguarding your property and assets by preventing damage caused by collisions or other high impact incidents is an important consideration for any business. The huge selection of top quality and affordable solutions in our fenders, guard rails & bars and impact protectors departments are guaranteed to include something to suit every requirement. If you have any questions about our products or services, our team of friendly customer service experts are on hand to help.

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