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Snow Shovels

It takes a lot of work to keep a site running effectively and safely, but having the right tools can make this easier. During winter it’s worth being prepared for a variety of weather conditions and our Snow Shovels are a great way to keep outside areas clear when it snows.

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A custom-designed snow shovel will make the task of clearing a road, walkway or other path much easier. For one thing, they are usually sturdier, making them more appropriate to tackle hard ice or densely compacted snow. Our snow shovels are also 'non stick', meaning you can much more efficiently remove several shovelfuls of snow without being bogged down by any encrusted residue. Compared to many other models of spades, snow shovels are more often designed to be portable - for example, ours have detachable shafts, allowing you to bring the shovel with you on car-journeys to be sure it'll always be there when you need it.

Of course, even looking at snow shovels alone, there are lots of factors to consider as there are many different types of snow shovels for different sorts of jobs. From the type of handle (usually wooden, metal or polypropylene), to the comfort level (ergonomic shovels are available at extra cost) to the length of shaft - in fact, for some tough jobs, it might be worth buying Snow Ploughs rather than relying on a shovel. Whichever snow shovel you choose, using it in tandem with our range of deicing salt or grit will help make them far easier to use.

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