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Grit & Salt Bins

When bad weather strikes you could be thankful your business has de-icers and salt, salt spreaders, snow ploughs and other products available. Keeping a stockpile of road grit or rock salt throughout the year means you can act quickly when temperatures drop, reducing the chances of accidents on or around your premises.

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There are two main benefits to buying a salt bin or a grit bin. The first is they allow you to easily store a large amount of rock salt or ice melt grit. This means you can buy in bulk, saving you money, and ensuring you have grit or salt ready to use when needed. The second is because of the durable, weather-resistant nature of the salt bins, you can place them outdoors – making it easy to keep them close to where they’re likely to be needed most. Buying a heavy bag of salt and keeping it in a shed, garage or store-room then having to haul it out at the last minute in extreme weather is far more uncomfortable and dangerous.

Our grit and salt bins come in a variety of sizes but are typically made of high-grade polyethylene or glass fibre, meaning they won’t rust, corrode or fall apart. Most are provided in a bright eye-catching yellow, making them easy to find, even in heavy rain or deep snow. We provide grit & salt bins in a range of sizes to suit a variety of sites. The smallest of our range, the 60 Litre Grit Bin is ideal for smaller sites and workplaces where snow and extreme weather is less likely. While our 400 Litre Lockable Grit Bin provides a large store for salt and grit, suitable for all workplaces where space is no issue and snow and ice is a high risk during winter months.

If you don’t know which product would best suit your requirements or need assistance with your order, pick up the phone or send an email and we’ll do what we can to help.

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