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Site & Facilities Equipment

Need help? Need help? How to choose the equipment for a safe workplace? When it comes to running premises efficiently, there are a number of things you'll need to consider, not least the wellbeing of staff, visitors and customers. It is therefore vital to think about managing the site on a day-to-day basis, and to do that, you'll need to invest in the right equipment. Here at Seton, we have a huge range of site and facilities equipment to choose from.

To find out more about our range of site & facilities equipment for inside and outside your premises, check out our helpful buying guide and frequently asked questions.

Buying Guide: Facilities Management Equipment

Facilities Equipment for a Safe Workplace

When health and safety requirements are first considered it’s all too easy to focus on elements such as fire prevention, first aid or PPE (personal protective equipment), however all parts of your business must be taken into account. By ensuring you are well equipped to deal with matters affecting your building and wider site as a whole, your business will be able to run safely and smoothly for years to come.

We offer a wide variety of products that protect your customers, visitors and staff, as well as keeping buildings and grounds clean, clear and hazard free. Our site and facilities selection features the following:

  • Cleaning products

  • Guard rails

  • Outdoor bins

  • Washroom products

  • Smoking controls

  • Site maintenance items

  • Ice, snow and flood control

At Seton, we specialise in providing solutions for a safer workplace. Controlling and maintaining workplace health and safety issues will be stress-free, thanks to the products in our range.

Indoor Maintenance Solutions

The cleanliness of a business can not only affect your staff’s health and safety, but also how your company is perceived by customers, visitors and competitors. We stock a variety of supplies for all your cleaning product needs. Floor cleaning is an integral part of your organisation’s health and safety requirements with our wide range of vacuum cleaners, mops, brushes, sweepers and brooms providing everything you need to keep small to medium floors clean on a regular basis. You can also easily restock your cleaning consumables with Seton offering competitive prices on cleaning sprays, liquids, bleaches, cloths, wipes and dusters. We also stock a range of trolleys, carts and cart accessories for the safe storage of cleaning products and devices.

The selection of industrial cleaners, floor scrubbers and carpet cleaners included in our Site Maintenance range is designed for all your floor cleaning needs. We also offer floor protection products for carpets and hard floors, to maintain the original condition of the material.

Alongside the general cleanliness of your workplace, both inside and out, the washroom is perhaps one of the most important areas in your building to maintain. Well presented washrooms that are clean and tidy will ensure compliance with health and safety regulations as well as present a good impression to staff and customers. Ample toilet paper, tissue and hand towel supplies are crucial for the cleanliness of any workplace. In addition, these products need to be within easy reach of your clients and customers. We offer a range of toilet roll, towel and hand towel dispensers in a variety of sizes and styles. Our large supply of washroom products doesn’t end there, with several hand cleaners, soaps and sanitizers available to purchase. These come in a number of consistencies, fragrances and containers to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Site Equipment for Outdoors

Keeping your outside areas neat and tidy, not only promotes good health and hygiene it also presents a professional appearance. Our range of outdoor bins includes options to suit the waste needs of both large and small companies. As with all products specifically designed for outdoor conditions, our bins are durable and stable enough to withstand a variety of weather conditions, from rain and snow to powerful winds. They are available in an array of styles and sizes to suit your needs, with some made to be permanently installed while others are more suited to short-term placement. Seton also stocks outdoor bins designed for specialty purposes, such as dog waste bins and school and children-friendly bins.

Due to widespread smoke-free area legislation, your business is likely to require smoking control & shelters outside your premises. As well as ensuring you are following all relevant laws and regulations, these products will provide a more pleasant experience for both smoking and non-smoking staff and customers. A large part every company’s smoking control system is effective butt and ash disposal. From large to small ashtrays and bins, we are sure to offer a product that fits your requirements. Alongside waste disposal, you might find that it is a good idea to have smoking shelters outside your premises. These come in several styles and forms, and customisable shelters are also available.

A clean and tidy site not only creates a positive image for your company but also ensures the health and safety of your customers, staff and visitors. The upkeep of your premises will be made much easier with our site maintenance range, which includes litter pickers, hoses and pressure washers always accompanies outdoor waste disposal and smoking controls

Alongside site maintenance, impact protectors & quard rails can protect clients and staff from potential hazards and dangerous machinery. Available in multiple styles and lengths, we can provide protective solutions for just about any location.

During severe or unexpected weather events, your business may suffer damage and access issues. Ice, snow & flood control items can reduce the level of inconvenience to you and your staff during this period. Products such as snow ploughs, shovels, de-icers and winter accessories can mitigate the effects of snow storms on business operations. Similarly, Seton offers a range of flood control and sandbag kits so you can be prepared in the event of heavy rain.


I need more than one of the same item, can I buy in bulk?

Many of the items within our Site & Facilities Equipment range, such as paper towels, clothes and handwash are likely to be in continuous use and therefore need to be replaced frequently. There are also items such as salt or liquid ice melt that you might want to stockpile in case an incident occurs. For these items look out for larger pack sizes or price break bulk-buy discounts to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

I want to customise the product I have chosen, do you offer that facility?

Customisation is possible on a wide variety of items from within our range. To find out more visit our customised products page.

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