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Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier

The versatile and portable 5.8m barrier
  • A unique all-in-one solution, easy to assemble to form a durable, full-size 5.8 metre long safety barrier for indoor or outdoor use
  • Each set of barrier panels fit into the central element, which features 4 wheels for easy storage and transport
  • Integrated sign holders on every panel allow for ultimate customisation for multiple applications
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Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier New Product

Traffic Signs - 20 Mph Speed bumps ahead
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Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier

The unique storage and transportation system means erecting a full height barrier is now easier and faster than ever
For extra visibility, self-adhesive, additional decals are also available for increased visibility at night or in low light, which affix to dedicated space at the top of each panel
When the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier is no longer needed, simply unhook each set of panels, fold and place within the central support anchor. Then lift the centre handle, allowing the A-frame to clip together, and wheel to the intended resting place
Seton also provides Seton EasyProtect - Additional Extension Panels so you can add to your safety barrier till you reach the required length
Safety signs can easily be removed and replaced with any Seton A4 sign

A4 Sign Kit Specification
  • Size (HxW): 297 x 210mm

  • Material: Rigid plastic

  • UV and Water Resistant

Not only is the EasyProtect barrier available in versions with various messages, but it can also be supplied with reflective decals for extra visibility in low light conditions
Being able to create a full barrier also gives enough flexibility to close off particular areas that have a high risk of trips and slips
The wheels allow the barrier to be moved along as the floor is being cleaned or as it dries, saving the user from constantly having to pick the sign up

*Please note: the above 'Reflectivity' option is whether or not the barrier comes with reflective decals or not
Colour(s) Red, Yellow.
Reflectivity No, Yes.
Type 9 "Caution Wet Floor" Signs, 9 "Caution Work" Signs, 9 "Cleaning In Progress" Signs, 9 "No Access" Signs, 9 "Out Of Order" Signs, Without Sign.



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The EasyProtect Safety Barrier has been designed to meet different needs: sufficient length, stability, portability, ease of storage, quick installation and integrated display.

Discover each of its characteristics in full detail here:

SETON EasyProtect Safety Barrier

What the Expert Says

The versatile and portable 5.8m safety barrier

Customers who use solid barrier systems often complain about the difficulty and time it takes to transport and install them. The Seton EasyProtect safety barrier has been developed to make setting up the barrier as easy as possible. The central A-shaped storage unit has non-scratch wheels for easy movement, and the 8 side elements can be effortlessly removed and deployed to form a 5.8 metre long barrier in seconds. Plus, custom signage can be added on each panel to allow this barrier to be used in many different applications, making it a must have product for your safety needs

Alex Hinton - Innovations Manager

What do customers think?

Before its launch, the EasyProtect Safety Barrier was tested with several users in various fields of activity. The feedback has been very positive:

The best features are: storage, portability and ease of use

Many applications are possible with the EasyProtect Barrier

The central element makes the barrier more stable and robust

Customisable sign holders on each panel is a great feature

After its launch, the EasyProtect Safety Barrier has also received very positive feedback:

A very versatile barrier We have struggled in the past to quickly and safely segregate work areas. We have been using Seton EasyProtect at a major pharmaceutical site where we regularly have to cordon off access. A major benefit to us has been the ease of which we can quickly wheel and deploy EasyProtect. There are a host of features that I like about the barrier, but being able to extend the barrier to cover a large area has been most useful. Building sites and their operatives have a reputation for putting equipment through a tough test, thus far the system has stood up to this challenge. We have already mentioned the EasyProject barrier to a number of our subcontractors and we don’t think it will be long before we see them being used in other areas of the site. Nick Hampson - Boulting Environmental Services Ltd

The Ingenious Safety Barrier We are commercial printers and high-end shop installers. In order to meet our ISO14001 accreditation, we needed a solution to help cordon off areas during installations or to keep members of the public safe if there’s been a chemical spill. The Seton EasyProtect barrier looks sturdy and is well manufactured. I particularly like that the barrier is self-contained as this makes it easy to store as well as move around the plant or onto site installations. We would fully recommend this barrier: Our management team is delighted with the ingenious Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier. Sue Earl - Pure Innovate


What is the advantage of the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier compared to a conventional construction barrier?
  • The Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier introduces a revolutionary way of create a barrier in both outdoor and indoor situations;
  • The unique storage and transportation system means erecting a full height barrier is now easier and faster than ever;
  • The system comprises 8 x 1m high barrier panels, which equates to a full barrier length of over 5.5 metres;
  • All panels nest within the carrier system so the full barrier can be stored effectively;
  • When needed, effortlessly wheel the system, using the durable integrated castors, to the intended destination;
  • Engage the central support anchor by unclipping the release handles and extending into a A-shaped position;
  • When in the A-shape position, the central support anchor is grounded and will not roll away;
  • The sets of durable, lightweight barrier panels can now be lifted from the central support anchor and connected together to form the barrier;
  • The multiple panels allow the barrier to be shaped to the user’s requirements;
  • Anti-trip feet are designed to be weighted away from the pedestrian zone so there is less chance of tripping;
  • Each panel, plus the central support anchor features integrated sign holders on each side, which houses A4 signs, A4 laminated messages, or 10”x7” signs;
  • For extra visibility, self-adhesive, reflective red & white vinyl decals packs are available, which affix to dedicated space at the top of each panel;
  • When the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier is no longer needed, simply unhook each set of panels, fold and place within the central support anchor. Then lift the centre handle, allowing the A-frame to clip together, and wheel to the intended resting place;
  • If you are looking for a long length, full height barrier system which is strong yet portable and easy to store, the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier is the perfect choice for you.
In which situations can I use the EasyProtect barrier?

The folding barrier can be used indoors or outdoors for various applications: examples include limiting access to a corridor, an area under construction, or an elevator under maintenance. It can also secure a dangerous area during work on a platform, road repairs, or even in the event of a spilled dangerous product. The barrier can be assembled as desired: the side elements can be fixed to one side or the other of the central element and orient themselves in different ways to allow straight, rounded or square assembly.

Is the barrier sturdy enough for outdoor use? Does it resist the wind?

The EasyProtect Safety Barrier is strong enough to be used outdoors in various applications, such as construction sites, car parks or roads. The central A-shaped element creates an anchor point to provide additional stability to the fully erected barrier. This 19.1 kg barrier is also perforated to minimise the effect of wind and also allows additional weights, such as sandbags, to be used if necessary. Each set of panels features integrated, anti-trip feet which extend for extra stability.

Is the EasyProtect barrier manageable?

The central A-frame unit features 4 durable, non-marking wheels, which allow the full barrier to be transported over various surfaces with ease. Each set of panels is hinged in both directions so the barrier can be shaped to suit the user’s needs.

A set of of 2 panels weighs 3.3 kg, so it is very easy to remove from the central unit and connect to each other using the pin connectors. The feet are also foldable to allow storage in the central unit and are specially shaped to reduce the risk of tripping when the barrier is in place.

How is the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier assembled?

The deployment of the exterior and interior expandable safety barrier is done in seconds:

  • Roll the unit to the desired location
  • Unhook the safety clips which keeps the central unit closed
  • Let the central unit open to form the A-shaped anchor, the distance is maintained by fabric straps
  • Remove the side elements (assembled in pairs) from the central element, using their integrated handle
  • Assemble the side elements to the central element using the pin connectors
  • Place the hinged barrier to obtain the desired shape
  • Orient the feet perpendicular to the barrier to ensure its stability
  • Insert any signs you wish to use by simply sliding into the top of the holders on each panel
How long is the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier?

The EasyProtect retractable safety barrier system initially measures 1 metre high by 5.5 metres long. It is a protective barrier with an imposing profile that limits access to an area in a reinforced way compared to chain posts or webbing barriers. Several barriers can be assembled endlessly to achieve the desired length. Additional sets of panels are also sold in pairs as an option. The central unit can accommodate 8 side units for storage.

Can I easily store the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier?

The 8 panels are fixed in pairs, which fold in on themselves and slot into the central element for easy storage. This compact unit then limits the footprint and can be stored anywhere. Easy to move thanks to the 4 integrated wheels. A clip system keeps the unit closed when moving and is easily released.

Can I choose my signage?

Each panel features an integrated sign holder on both sides (front and back) to accommodate an A4 sign or a laminated A4 sheet. We offer 5 different sign kit versions to accompany your folding barrier and personalize your message: Caution Wet Floor; Cleaning in Progress; Out of order/Do not use; Caution People at Work; No Admittance. Each variation is offered in sets of 9 panels to allow display on each element. If, however, you cannot find the message suited to your needs among these variations, find all of our A4 format signs (with or without text) compatible with the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier or even our personalised signs.

Are the reflective strips sold with the Seton EasyProtect Safety Barrier?

Yes, the reflective strips are available with the barrier or as an option in sets of 18 for the complete EasyProtect indoor safety barrier, to allow double-sided signage on each element.

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